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  • Partnering with Sezzle for Layaway with Quick Shipping!

    Excited to announce our partnership with Sezzle! Sezzle payment plans allow you to order now, receive your goods right away, and pay over 6 weeks! ...
  • Setting yourself up for breastfeeding success: the early days

    You can do a lot in pregnancy and the early days with your newborn to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship! Preparing early can make this transition as smooth as possible.
  • All About Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs)

    Watch how to use a soft structured carrier LennyGo.
  • Ring Slings part 1: What is a ring sling? Who would like a ring sling? What kind of ring sling should I buy?

    Ring slings can be used from newborn to toddlerhood plus as long as the fabric is rated for that weight. A newborn may be happy snuggled up tummy to tummy for a long time! Baby can snuggle and nurse easily this way. A toddler may just want a quick pick-me-up hip carry for a few minutes before bounding off to the next adventure, and a ring sling is simple enough to adjust that it works well for this as well! 

    Ring slings fold up nicely in a diaper bag or purse and make great “backup” carriers for the car for errands and small trips as well as around the home. 

    You might like a ring sling if you:

    • Want something compact
    • Want simple carry options
    • Want something that can be used from the first days of life
    • Want something that can be used for a long time (2 years+!)
    • Want something that can be quickly taught “well enough” for others to carry baby
  • Press Release: Bradley Method(TM) Classes Back in Camp Hill July 24th

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Lowering Cesarean rates with evidence and compassion: Bradley Method™ of Natural Childbirth classes return July 24th   By ...
  • Lenny Upgrade and Mesh Lenny Upgrade are Now Available! What is a fully adjustable SSC and who might like one

    This style of carrier is great when you:
    • Want one carrier to last a long, longggggg time
    • Don't mind adjusting and resizing as baby grows
    • Want one carrier set for each caregiver, or
    • Don't mind adjusting the carrier depending on the caregiver holding baby
    • Want one carrier set for each child, or
    • Don't mind resizing the carrier depending on the child being worn
    • You like / don't mind a waist belt and full panel over your torso
    • You like front and/or back carrying
    • **Mesh only** Want the most breathable fabric possible for summer heat! The mesh panel gets a bit more airflow to baby


    This style of carrier might not be for you if:

    • Adjusting many different buckles as your child grows sounds like way too much effort
    • You want only one carrier, but have multiple caregivers / children who are not very patient!
    • You prefer hip carries (this carrier does not do hip carry)
    • You don't like waist belts or full panel torso carries
    • You are very small-waisted (check out the dimensions prior to purchase--the Upgrade extended the waist fabric, which while great for many wearers for comfort, may not work for some)


  • Store Update: New Retail Location!

    To come see us in person, head to Love Me 2 Times Consignment Boutique at 2555 S Queen St, York, PA, 17402. 

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  • All About Onbuhimos: What is an Onbuhimo, What Size Onbuhimo Do I Need, Who Can Use an Onbuhimo, and How to Use an Onbuhimo

    Onbuhimos are a popular baby carrier for older babies and toddler. An onbuhimo is a Japanese-style backpack carrier with a chest belt and no waist belt. Learn about what an onbuhimo is, how to use one, how to get a good fit and adjust the carrier, who an onbuhimo is good for and who it is not best for, how to choose the right size carrier, and where you can buy one.
  • The complete guide: How to make pumping more comfortable and efficient

    Pumping milk for your baby might be something you do occasionally or it might be your baby's sole nutrition. No matter your goal or frequency, you want your pumping experience to be as quick and comfortable as possible so that you can get back to work and/or back to your baby sooner, without resenting the task. Pumping is definitely work, but there are simple things you can change that can make a big impact on your experience. ...
  • How to Induce Labor Naturally, and Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t

    One of the biggest concerns students of mine have is how to avoid a medical induction. Those who understand the normalcy of birth and the benefits of limiting interventions know that induction can disrupt even the best of birth plans. It can put real fear into the hearts of women who want to avoid medication and C-sections, which are much more likely when being induced versus when entering labor spontaneously. So, it’s understandable that the alternative of inducing naturally can sound pretty appealing.

    In general, the safest approach for mom and baby is to wait for labor to happen spontaneously. ...

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