Customer photo - Dad smiles carrying child on back in Preschool SSC Jurassic Park New Era. Text reads, "All About: Wearing Your Big Kid"

All about: Wearing your big kid

As our children get older, we never know when the "lasts" will be. We often miss them in the moment. That's just part of parenting =).

Customer photo - Dad smiles carrying child on back in Preschool SSC Jurassic Park New Era

Customer photo - Preschool SSC Jurassic Park New Era


My little guy is getting older, and I don't know how many more "ups" we'll have together. But I'm always grateful to have them!

As spring arrives, I'm thinking of markets and fresh strawberries and asparagus. The last time we went to the market, my big kid was feeling shy. 

We brought our carrier, not sure we'd need it. But when he looked up and said he wasn't sure he wanted to be there, I picked him up and snuggled him close. 

He had a great time picking out our produce... from the safety and comfort of our carrier.

They do get big so fast, but they are still little people--with big feelings! And I love that we have so many ways to help you through this time with your little one--even if they aren't quite so "little" anymore!


Do you want to wear your little one as long as they'll let you? Me too! Here's what you need to keep in mind.

  • Don't size up too soon - Growth slows after 1 year and again after 2 years old. The safest carrier for your child is one that is comfortable and sized appropriately. Conveniently, this is also the carrier you'll use the most! Don't be a rush to make your baby fit in a carrier that's too big for them. If you're between sizes, we encourage you to order the smaller size. If you get it and it's too small for your little one, let us know! We'll send you a prepaid label for your exchange to the larger size
  • Size for height first - Weight ratings on carriers are legal safety tolerances--they aren't for sizing. So long as your child is not above the rated weight limit, you should choose the carrier that best fits your child by height. Pants size is an easy indicator we often use for this
  • Consider if you need to tandem wear, if you need extra support, or other needs - Choose the carrier that best meets your needs. Many caregivers have multiple styles. This lets you choose the best style for your needs in that moment
  • Proper adjustment makes a huge difference - If you're stuck, message us! We're always happy to help you get the right fit


Preschool Onbuhimo

 Waist-less backpack carrier

Best for:

  • Experienced babywearers
  • Those with strong shoulders that can tolerate your child's weight 
  • Quick ups & downs
  • Those who can't have pressure on their waist
  • Children who do not need extra head/neck support
  • Rolling up in a diaper bag or in the car
  • Heat (if you can tolerate the waist-less style of support)
  • *Big* kids - we recommend 3yrs old+ - this is a very large carrier and is much, much larger than our other sizes. If your child is still in 2T or 3T pants for height, they will likely be more comfortable in the Toddler size onbuhimo instead

 See all the colors here.


Preschool SSC

Full baby backpack soft structured carrier

Best for:

  • Ease of use: Familiar backpack style
  • Convenience: No long straps, simple design for quick ups, easy to learn
  • Weight distribution over your torso
  • Hiking
  • Children who need extra head/neck support
  • If your child is still in 2T or smaller pants for height, they will likely be more comfortable in the LennyGo Toddler size

See all the colors here.


Preschool Hybrid

Combination carrier - mix between a backpack and a wrap with a buckle waist

Best for:

  • Customized support: The wrap straps allow you to adjust the fit to you and your baby perfectly
  • Snuggles & long treks where extra support is a must
  • Fashionable flair: Long tails are beautiful statement pieces, and can be dressed up even more with sling rings for fancy finishes
  • Extra torso support for the child
  • Extra support for the caregiver
  • If your child is still in 2T pants or smaller for height, they may be more comfortable in the standard size Hybrid

See all the colors here.


Honorable Mention: Long Woven Wrap

Long, strong piece of woven fabric

Best for:

  • Versatility
  • Ultimate snuggle comfort 
  • Flexibility
  • Tandem wearing
  • Fancy finishes
  • Extra support for child and caregiver

See all the colors here


 Still not sure which style is right for you?

Try our quiz here! Or, just send us a DM from this page. We love babywearing, and we're always happy to hear from you!

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