Every now and then, it happens. We get that email that says, "My tracking says my package was delivered, but it's not here!"
If this happens to you, here's what to do!
First, remember that delivery scans can show up to 3 days before your order is actually delivered (usually it's a mistake when loading the truck). Sometimes the best remedy is simply time!
But, here's what to do while you wait:
1. Check your property: It's common for packages to not be where you'd expect, so thoroughly check the property. See if your delivery driver tucked the package under something on your porch, if it landed on top of or under a bush or tree, etc. Sometimes packages get blown away or knocked into the grass, so check your lawn, too. Most of our packages go out in white poly bags (about 11 x 15), Priority bags about the same size, or shoebox size brown or Priority boxes, so that's what you're looking for!
2. Contact your neighbors: The second most common place to find a lost package is with a neighbor. Ask around to see if your package was mis-delivered--this almost always finds your lost package
3. Check with the front desk/concierge: Our packages often do not fit in an apartment complex's regular mail box. If you can't find it and it says delivered, you'll likely need a key to a larger parcel delivery box, or it's being held for you at the desk for pickup
4. Check the delivery address: Verify that the address in your order confirmation is the address you expected the item to ship to. If not, see if you can find that address to pick up from
5. Check with your local UPS hub or post office: Sometimes packages get held--it's a good idea to check in and make sure it's not waiting for you for pickup
If you've checked all of those places and it's still not turning up, but you did not order package protection, please contact the shipping carrier directly.
If you did add package protection to your order, here's what you can expect:
-Contact us within 15 days of your order being shipped to file a claim. If it's been 15 days or more since your package has been mailed (acceptance scan or other initial scan if acceptance scan is missing) and your package has not arrived, please contact us immediately. If it's been more than 30 days since your package was mailed, we unfortunately cannot re-ship your item or offer a gift card replacement. Lost packages must be reported within 30 days of mailing for Package Protection to be valid
-To file a claim, contact us at contact@mama-roo.com with your Order ID, contact info, and a description of the problem, and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days. Please include photos of damaged items, if applicable. Please use subject line: "Package Protection Order ####"
-Please be aware that it takes time for shipping carriers to do investigations into lost packages. We're a very small company and don't have excessive inventory quantities on hand for replacements. The absolute fastest way for you to get your lost order is to follow the previous steps to search for the package, and if that doesn't find it, to allow the shipping carrier to find your lost package.
-Because of this, please understand it'll be at least 15 days after marked "delivered" before we can send a replacement or issue you a gift card for the missing items. You may or may not receive email updates during this time, simply because once we submit claims for investigation, we often don't hear back until it's resolved. You're always welcome to message with questions, but please be aware we usually need at least 15 days to come to a resolution for you
-We ask for your cooperation as needed for filing insurance claims, which may include photos of a damaged package, etc.
Package protection resolutions if the item cannot be located:
  • For packages marked delivered, but still haven't been received 3 days after delivery confirmation (and no longer than 15 days), we will issue you a replacement. If a replacement cannot be sent (limited edition, discontinued, etc.), we will issue store credit for the original purchase price
  • For packages not marked delivered & presumed lost by the carrier, we will issue store credit for the original purchase price
  • For damaged packages, we will issue you a replacement. If a replacement cannot be sent (limited edition, discontinued, etc.), we will issue store credit for the original purchase price
If you've already contacted us about your lost order, please let us know when you're able to follow the steps to look for the lost package. And of course, let us know if it arrives / you find it.
It's never fun to have a lost order in transit, and we're so sorry if this happens to you! Luckily, we almost never have a package that is truly lost--they almost always turn up within a few days. The odds are in your favor!
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at contact@mama-roo.com or chat with us via the messenger app on this page