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Alexandra, Founder of Mama & Roo's Supplement Co, with husband. Young white couple smiling, sitting on a grassy step at a park, holding a child upside down between them. Child's face is not shown for privacy

Pictured: Founder Alexandra with husband Johnathan and their child. Child's face is cropped for privacy.


We believe in honesty, compassion, understanding, and being genuine in everything we do.

After the natural birth of my first child in 2017, I was excited to share the joy of birth with others. All three of us (my husband, son, and I) went to Bradley Method teacher training at just 3 months postpartum--our first family road trip!--and began teaching soon after. 

At the time, I knew so many people who were afraid of birth and who had scary births--not because anything was wrong necessarily, but because they didn't know what to expect and weren't properly communicating with their providers about what was happening. I also knew people with frustrating and sad postpartum experiences and stressful transitions from couple to family to working again. Having suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety and chronic low milk supply myself, and being a working mom, I wondered if there was more I could do to help others to have a happier and more positive experience through birth and in the early weeks, months, and even years of growing families, than what I and others had experienced. 

husband of founder carrying their child in a Lenny Lamb Dragon Fire & Blood Toddler Onbuhimo Pictured left: Johnathan, husband of founder, carrying their child in a Lenny Lamb Dragon Fire and Blood Toddler Onbuhimo

Armed with the faith that I could do more for my community in York, PA, I decided to expand my childbirth classes to add a Camp Hill location and started serving as a doula for my students and then the community. But I wanted to reach out more. I knew that in the early days and weeks, breastfeeding was incredibly stressful for me because I wasn't "normal". Pressure was on to make as much milk as possible or to supplement. As a vegan, I couldn't bear the thought of formula if I didn't have to. But there was so much good information that I didn't get until much, much later--how do you actually size yourself for a flange? What is a flat/inverted nipple and what can you do about it? How do you know you are doing a good job pumping at all? So much pain and heartache. I decided to manufacture some vegan postnatal supplements that would actually help while still being safe. Then I sought out manufacturers of helpful breastfeeding products that can be hard to find in an effort to help others. I started a blog to get more information out to the community. And then I found a manufacturer of beautiful, ethically made baby carriers and wraps, because apart from nursing, the next best thing to soothe a fussy baby or toddler is to snuggle them, and isn't it nice to do that without needing your hands???

I named the store "Mama & Roo's" after my son, who we affectionately call "Roo". Our store contains products that are vegan, always. Ethically sourced wherever possible. We keep everything in stock here on the east coast of the US so that you don't have to stress over when it will get to you. We can special order in for you, and we will always go the extra step for you as a customer. Want some more pictures of the product? Size comparisons? Need advice on which is the best fit for you? Let us know--we've got you covered.

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Other highlights: Alexandra volunteers with the local babywearing group and hosts meetings. She has an MA in Composition, Language, and Rhetoric and a BA in Professional Writing with minors in Music, Business Administration, and Creative Writing. She enjoys spending time with her family and their dog and 2 bunnies, camping, gardening, singing, and giving praise for the wonderful gifts and experiences that have come and are yet to be told!