We want you to love your products from us! We've tried to address some common questions here, but please let us know if we can answer anything else for you. 

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Where are you located? Where do you ship from?

We operate out of North Carolina, USA. All of our shipments ship from here!


Do you ship internationally? Do you ship to military addresses?

Due to Covid-related delays, as of Nov 2021 we unfortunately are unable to ship to countries outside of the United States in most cases.

Exceptions: We will still deliver to US international military and related address (APO, FPO, etc). Please note that delays can be substantial.

Please be aware that customs can take additional processing time and may assess additional fees upon receipt. We cannot absorb these fees--we're a small company!--but if you need a quote for what to expect them to be, just message us and we will do our best to estimate that for you before you order.


Where is my stuff?

Most orders ship quickly! Our target is to process orders within 1-3 business days. First in Line orders will process first and jump ahead of the line, often processing the same day. After processing, the shipping carrier is responsible for shipping speeds. Estimates at checkout are shipping speed estimates from the carrier once they've accepted the shipment and are estimates. Scans are being delayed and even skipped right now, so it's not unusual for an order to arrive before tracking has updated!

We list items that are here at our PA facility and ready to ship. Should something be on the website by mistake that isn't here yet. we will let you know soon after placing your order. We try to be very upfront and clear about what is in and what isn't, but mistakes happen! Always contact us if you have questions.

If you need something asap, choose First in Line at checkout and leave us a note in the cart. You may also reach out to confirm we will be able to deliver in time for your item.


  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Expect a minimum of 6 weeks transport time. I ship everything from the US. Some countries are still limiting incoming shipments at the border. Some are only expecting/sending mail by sea.  Once the order leaves my hands, it is the responsibility of the shipper. Shippers worldwide are working with limited staff, quarantine rules and laws, and huge demand. We are all doing our absolute best. ADVICE: Order the fastest possible shipping. Check your country's import status prior to ordering. If you would like additional shipping options, or want to understand what each option's coverage is like, contact me prior to ordering. POLICY: I cannot and will not refund orders due to shipping delays. No carrier is honoring international shipping guarantees or estimated times. If your order arrives too late for you to use it, refuse your unopened order immediately on arrival. Any charges incurred will be deducted from your refund once I have the order in hand, including our regular restocking fee. I do apologize for the delays, but this is outside of our control and I cannot take responsibility for these issues once they leave us. HOW I AM MITIGATING THIS: Moving forward, all international orders will have an additional handling fee to cover additional insurance costs to protect you in the event a package is declared missing. I sincerely apologize for these issues and hope that things will start moving again soon.
  • Please, ask any questions you have prior to ordering. We are extremely responsive and will get back to you as soon as possible. We understand that everything can feel urgent in this time of crisis, but please remember I am a very small shop with a family of my own. It is much easier to solve many problems and misunderstandings before ordering than once it has been shipped or arrives at your door. We can help you understand fit, care, ship times, policies, etc. Please do not hesitate to reach out 
  • Thank you for your business and your patience in this time. I truly appreciate each and every interaction I have with all of you. I hope that I am able to bring a small amount of joy to your day with the wonderful products and services we offer. Thank you again, as always.


Do you offer layaway or payment plans?

We do! You can read more about our free better-than-layaway option with Sezzle here: https://mama-roo.com/pages/layaway


Do you offer discounts?

See our discount policy here.

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Can I cancel or change my order?

We start to process orders immediately and can't guarantee that an order can be cancelled or changed. If you need to cancel or change an order, please call or text 717-814-8538 and/or message us at facebook.com/mamaandroos as soon as possible.

If it is too late to cancel or change your order, your order will fall under our returns/exchange policy here: https://mama-roo.com/policies/refund-policy

You may refuse delivery by bringing your unopened package back to the shipping carrier. We will process this as a return. Please know that there may not be tracking on the return shipment when refused this way.


What is a special / custom order? What does it mean to order something in? Can I return a special / custom order?


There are 2 types of special orders:

1- Ordering something in. This is when an item we would typically carry or already carry but are temporarily out of stock of is reserved for you in an incoming shipment. Special orders of items that Mama & Roo's would otherwise carry fall under the same return policy as any other order (https://mama-roo.com/policies/refund-policy). These items may take 4 weeks to arrive, depending on customs. You will pay for the order prior to receiving the item and we will let you know when it is here and ready to ship to you.


2- Custom orders. These are items not regularly available on Mama & Roo's website, including custom fabrics we do not typically carry, items that are unadvertised, and custom fabric colors and items. Special orders that are custom are NOT refundable and not eligible for return. These must be paid in full prior to having them made and may take 4 weeks to arrive, depending on customs. We will ship to you as soon as they arrive here


What is First in Line?

First in Line service bumps your order to the front of the line - we pull First in Line orders first. Sometimes this means you order ships the day of your purchase and sometimes the following day, but it processes first and before any other orders. 
More about shipping here: https://mama-roo.com/policies/shipping-policy


Can I order Expedited Shipping? 

Expedited shipping is available by request. Please message us via the chat on this page for more information. We offer services from USPS and UPS. All orders ship from the East Coast, so please be aware that shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington state, Texas, and other West Coast states do take longer than shipping to other areas on the east coast.


Can I return or exchange my order?

See our return policy here: https://mama-roo.com/policies/refund-policy


What size carrier do I need?


Onbuhimo: Baby/standard size (Lenny Lamb) and Didymos Onbuhimo (DidyGo) will fit from 4 months (sitting unassisted) to 2T pants. For children already in 2T pants, choose the Toddler size (Lenny Lamb)

Stretchy Wrap: Newborn to approx. 22lbs

LennyGoBaby/standard size will fit from 4 months (sitting unassisted) to 2T pants. For children already in 2T pants, choose the Toddler size (Lenny Lamb)

Lenny Upgrade: Fits from 4wks old to 2T pants

Lenny Hybrid / DidyKlick: Fits newborn to 24 month pants

Preschool carriers: Fits from 1-6 years old

Wrap Tai: Mini fits well from 4 months to 18 months old. Toddler fits well from 10 months to 2T+

Didy Meh Dai: Fits newborn to 24 month pants

Long woven wrap: See article here: https://mama-roo.com/blogs/gentle-pregnancy-and-parenting/what-size-wrap-do-i-need-long-woven-wrap-sizing

Ring Sling: Most caregivers find our standard size (1.8m / 1R) sufficient. If you are US size 12+, especially when carrying an older child, you may find the 2.1m more comfortable. For safety, you want a minimum of 12" of fabric to hang from the rings while the child is in the carrier.

How do I care for my new carrier?

 See our care guide here: https://mama-roo.com/pages/care-guide


 Which carrier is right for me?

Check out our guide here: https://mama-roo.com/blogs/gentle-pregnancy-and-parenting/whats-what-a-summary-of-different-kinds-of-baby-carriers


How do I use my new carrier?

Check out our tutorials in our Journal


I'm plus size, will your carriers work for me?

All of our carriers with waistbands have at least a 50" long waistband (waist circumfrence). Our carriers fit most caregivers up to size 4x/5x. Should you need a carrier with a longer waistband than this, please message us via the chat on this page and we will arrange to order this in for you at no additional cost. Read more here.


 I have another question

 See our contact form here.


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