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Thank you so much for shopping at Mama & Roo's for all your babywearing needs! We are glad you are here.

Let us know if you have any questions about anything!

PS. Sometimes our kids are crazy too. We will respond to your messages as soon as we can. Read below for more details.

It is very helpful for us when you leave details in your message.

For example, need to change the shipping address on your order, no problem, but we need to know your order number and the address of where you need it shipped to.

Do you want help with picking a carrier style? That isn’t a problem. Sometimes it is overwhelming at first! We are happy to help. It is helpful for us to know what features you do or don't want in a carrier. Buckes, waistband, etc. When do you plan on using the carrier, out and about or at home for snuggles? 

Need a fit check? That is great! Send us a photo of you and your child in the carrier. Please send pictures from the front, side, and back. We understand sometimes these are difficult to get if you're trying to do it alone. We have seen a lot of dirty mirrors in our own house. We won’t judge your dirty mirrors; kids spit toothpaste everywhere!

Chat on the website

You should find a chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of every page on the website. Simply open that, enter your info, and then send us a detailed message!

*Warning* unfortunately, we have been told that not all messages come through the chat. Also, once you leave the website we can not interact with the chat bubble anymore. If you are not able to stay on the website or it keeps closing on you, I highly recommend to message us via our Facebook page. This allows us to send you messages whenever we are able to respond and you can respond at your convenience as well. We understand that things are a little more difficult sometimes with kids in the underfoot.

If you have tried chatting with us with no response, email us! Or message our Facebook page! Those options work very well for us! Thank you!

Email Us

One of the best ways to reach us is via email. Emails typically are responded to with in one business day. Please send us a detailed message and we will try to answer all of your quesitonsl

by phone

Because we are parents too, it is most dificult to asnswer phone calls. Please email us at CONTACT@MAMA-ROO.COM for the best customer serivce responses.

Thank you so much for understanding!


Be kind a courteous

We are humans too. We do not have a clue what is going on when you reach out. Please be prepared to explain the situation and what is going on, from your point of view. We will gladly help those that are kind to us. <3