Your perfect carrier is on its way! Now what?

-Long woven wraps and ring slings need to be washed prior to use - this "breaks them in" and is actually the final step in preparing the carrier! It will soften the fibers and settle them into place. 


Here are some general care guidelines for your new carrier or wrap. When in doubt, always consult the tag on your item to confirm.


Cotton / linen / hemp:

Long woven wraps and ring slings

Your wrap or sling will be at its best after breaking in! Washing, drying, and ironing is an important part of this process. In addition, washing periodically throughout the use of the wrap will freshen the fibers and, of course, keep the carrier clean for your little one. 

Machine wash instructions: Wash cold on delicate cycle with like items. Don't wash it alone - other material in the drum keeps the fibers from excess wear. Use a wrap-safe detergent that has no optical brighteners. Do not use fabric softener! Fill the drum 1/2 - 2/3 full for nice agitation. Remove from washer promptly to avoid permacreasing in fabric blends sensitive to this.

*Tip: When washing ring slings, wrap the rings in a sock to keep them from banging around in the drum.

Hand wash instructions: Be very cautious when hand washing that you don't pull on the fibers - fabric is very very heavy when wet! Hand wash alone with a detergent with no optical brighteners and no fabric softeners. Squish section by section and gently wring out the fabric in sections to avoid too much weight pulling unevenly on the carrier.



Drying instructions: We recommend drip drying your carrier in a way that does not put too much weight on the fibers of the different sections. You can also tumble dry low / delicate. Remove promptly from dryer while fabric is still slightly damp, then iron on the highest setting appropriate for the fabric blend. This will perfect your sling for its first use and keep it nice and fresh and wonderfully soft over time!


All other fibers:
Follow the tag instructions. Hand wash with the appropriate detergent type for that fabric/blend. Drip dry. Iron only according to tag instructions, being mindful of the heat setting.


Meh dais / soft structured carriers / onbuhimos

Hand wash carefully, avoiding too much pulling on the fibers, using a detergent with no optical brighteners. Do not use fabric softener. Drip dry. Steam iron as needed / desired, as appropriate for the fabric blend.


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