How to hand wash your carrier

Breaking in Your New Carrier - Part 2

We learned about what "breaking in" is and looks like in part 1.

Let's learn how to break in your carrier now!

My favorite method for breaking in a wrap or ring sling is:

  1. Wash
  2. Air dry
  3. Iron while still slightly damp
  4. Play!

Let's take a look at each step.


Most woven wraps and ring slings actually require this initial step. Washing before first use sets the fibers in their proper place so they won't slide around. This not only makes the fabric softer and easier, but also maintains a safe and secure weave. Don't skip this step! =)

You have 2 options for washing. Remember to always refer to the tag of your item for any specific washing details. 


Machine Washing (for cotton, linen, hemp):
-Wash cold on delicate cycle with like items.
-Don't wash it alone - other material in the drum keeps the fibers from excess wear. 
-Use a wrap-safe detergent that has no optical brighteners.
-Do not use fabric softener!
-Fill the drum 1/2 - 2/3 full for nice agitation. You could try bulking with other carriers, towels, or small blankets.
-Remove from washer promptly to avoid permacreasing in fabric blends sensitive to this.


Hand Washing

Hand washing can be tricky! Fabric is very heavy when wet. If left to dangle to pull, fibers can be misaligned.

The below video is an example of how to safely hand wash your wrap or ring sling.


Video description:

Hand wash a sling with Mama & Roo's owner & founder Mama & Roo's! We'll be washing a linen ring sling by LennyLamb, available here.

-The carrier you'll be washing
-Wrap-safe detergent (no optical brighteners and no fabric softener)
-Large towel
-Tub or basin to wash in with water

-Put small amount of water and detergent in the tub
-Place carrier in and agitate gently. Be careful not to lift and pull fabric too much as the water makes the fabric heavy
-Gently wring the carrier out
-Rinse and gently wring water out again
-Drip dry

The fabric will change a bit--this is what we want! We want the fibers to settle in for safety and for ultimate comfort of the wrap. I always recommend steam ironing after drying, while the carrier is slightly damp, if the fabric you have allows ironing.



 We recommend that you drip dry. You want to be sure there isn't excess pressure on the fibers from the heaviness of the water.


If your carrier's fabric blend allows it, ironing will take your carrier to a whole new level! 

Steam iron when the carrier is slightly damp. If you see any moved threads gently set them with the iron. Your carrier will soften tremendously after this step!

If you don't have an iron, a clothes steamer could also work.



The more you use your carrier, the more broken in and perfect it will become! Use it as a blanket, tie it up as a hammock for your little one, braid it, run sling rings over it, and, of course, wear it with your little one!



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