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Babywearing is a wonderful parenting tool to help you enjoy every moment with your baby--even if it's just a trip to the store!

A Black mother carries her biracial baby on her back in a Jurassic Park - New Era soft structured baby backpack carrier (the LennyGo).  Text reads, "New to babywearing? Start here" "Mama & Roo's ethically made joyfully carried"


Not sure where to start? First, take our baby carrier quiz here for personalized recommendations. Don't forget to opt in at the end for a special surprise!

Looking for more tips? We got you!
We've found there are 4 common caregiver types who visit us at Mama & Roo's. Read more about each below to determine which fits you! Each guide explains more about our recommendations and why we think they'll be great to get you started.

Experienced Caregiver (Not Currently Pregnant): Tap here for your complete guide. This is the article for you if you have multiple children to tend to but are not currently pregnant. We typically recommend a stretchy wrap, long woven wrap, ring sling, half buckle meh dai, and/or an SSCTap here to learn more about these carrier types and why we recommend them for you!
Caregiver with Physical Limitations: Tap here for your complete guide. This is the article for you if you aren't sure how to babywear with your physical needs. This includes older caregivers, those with spinal or shoulder issues, those who've had surgery, and other conditions. We typically recommend starting with a long woven wrap and/or a wrap strap meh daiTap here to learn more about these carrier types and why we recommend them for you!
Once you've chosen your perfect style & size, choose a color you'll love. Trust us--if you don't love it, you won't use it, no matter what "specs" it has. We want you to enjoy wearing your baby in a carrier that makes you smile!
After you've chosen a few colors you love, if you still can't decide, just reach out via the chat on this page =). 
Some basic fabric differences:
All of our items are ethically produced and made of vegan materials. All items meet US and EU safety standards.

-Our Lenny Lamb items are made of locally sourced materials and dyes

-Our Didymos items are certified organic

-Our Girasol items are handwoven (as opposed to machine woven)

-Items with more complex patterns are more expensive than simpler patterns. This is because they require more threads, more dyes, more vibrant dyes, and more artistry to create them. More complex weaves are often reversible (depending on carrier type and exact print). It can be like 2 carriers in one! More detailed patterns are also more plush and supportive. Learn more about the differences between fabrics (and why some are more expensive than others) here. 

-Items with fancy fibers are more expensive due to the added durability and other qualities of those items. Linen is a good example--you can read more about linen here

-Stretchy wraps are knit fibers. Long woven wraps are threads woven on a loom, via machine or by hand
You can always reach out with any questions at all-- we are happy to help every step of the way! Just message us via the chat =) . Don't forget to log in and/or leave your name and email address in the chat so we'll be able to connect with you =). 
Happy wearing =)

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