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Linen is an incredible fabric choice and a must-try!

Why we love it:

  • Linen fibers are highly moisture absorbent-- much more so than cotton. Linen carriers wick away moisture, leaving you cool and comfortable
  • Cool touch: Like bed sheets, linen carrier fabrics are cool to the touch, helping you feel breezier
  • Breathable, for long-lasting fun: Whether you're looking at a wrap, onbuhimo, soft structured carrier, or any style, you can rest assured you will feel the breathability of this incredible fabric. Wrap conversion carriers convey the benefits of cozy and breathable wrap fabric in any style that meets your family's needs
  • Cozy and comfy: Your little one will sigh into the luxurious feel of linen and will want to keep the snuggles going for as long as you'd like. Sleepy dust, anyone?
  • Beautiful: Linen is made from flax plants harvested by hand, which give the fabric its stunning sheen
  • Lasts your whole babywearing journey: Linen fibers are durable and hold up well to the demands of babywearing throughout your journey
  • Clean up easy: Linen is simple for care for, meaning you can wear your linen carrier in the "real world" without hesitation!

See all our current options below. Due to the labor-intensive process of harvesting and weaving linen, all linen items are limited edition and limited stock. Grab your favorite before it's gone!

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