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Beautiful quality wrap

I was hesitant to purchase this wrap because it was much cheaper than the others on their site. But I got it anyways and I’m SO glad I did. It’s beautiful and with the length I can do so many different wraps. I certainly haven’t used it to its full potential yet. Not to mention it’s BEAUTIFUL

Absolutely love it!

I decided to try and onbuhimo after facing discomfort with my beloved ssc and I couldn’t love my new Lenny lamb more! The tutorial video helped so much and I was able to get my 11 month old on my back comfortably first try! I bought the toddler size since he is already in 2T clothes and it is a perfect fit with room to grow. High quality product and fast shipping.

Absolutely stunning!

I can't believe how soft it it! Absolutely gorgeous! Super comfortable to use also!

Onbuhimo, Jurassic Park
Martinique Hunting

One of my favorites! I love it because it’s very comfortable, my son loves riding on my back, and it’s adorable.

Jessi Belt
Love it

Love the sackpacks! Very durable.

Onbuhimo, Luna
Datmothy Bednaz
The best thing ever

This is the best carrier I've used! It's easy to use and comfortable on the back.

Onbuhimo, Luna
Amanda Aspy
Love this carrier.

I absolutely love this carrier. I love that it does not have the strap that goes around my stomach. That’s so uncomfortable for me. I am a mom of 5 so I need to be able to get the dishwasher loaded and switch around laundry. With this carrier I can easily do that with my baby on my back napping. It’s super soft and the colors are VIBRANT. Worth every penny.

Ring Sling, Jurassic Park - New Era, gathered
Jessi Kennedy
Love the Jurassic Park ring sling

The material is so nice and the quality is wonderful!

Ring Sling, Jurassic Park - New Era, gathered
Maricica Lentenbrink
So beautiful and soft!

I’m so glad I ordered this! I took it out of the box fully expecting to need to wash and dry it to break it in, but it was already so soft! The colors are just as vibrant as the photos. I love when people realize that the pattern is dinosaurs!

Ring Sling, Jurassic Park - New Era, gathered
Christine Hunter
Best ever!

I LOVE my ring sling! If there's anything I love more than my grand babies, it's rainbows and dinosaurs, could it be any better??? Excellent quality, ABSOLUTELY worth the price, beautiful pattern and easy to use! Highly recommend this to any new parent or grandparents (or even seasoned ones!)

Fun bag!

My kiddos are getting bigger so I'm carrying less so it makes my heart happy that I have my Jurassic print in an item we can use for years to come :) The size is pretty large - great for sleepovers. I may get the shopping bag size too since I may be able to use that size a bit more.

Ring Sling, Jurassic Park - New Era, gathered
Arelis Gomez
Jurassic park dream! It’s gorgeous!

The colors are so vibrant and the fabric is very well made especially with the stitching details. It’s very flexible fabric and I know over time it’ll become softer and softer (:

Shoulder Bag
Juliana Ramirez
Shoulder bag

It has dinosaurs, makes all the other mamas jeally

Long Woven Wrap, Promenade
We love it!

I have been looking for a wrap like this because of its versatility and I am not disappointed. It is beautiful and functional. My son loves it too, he fell asleep so quickly once I was able to wrap him up. It’s my first carrier of any kind so it took me a few minutes to him positioned. Wrap comes with a wrap guide

Onbuhimo, Unicorn Lace *Discontinued* Size Toddler 2T+ Only
Edie Patrick

I ordered this carrier because it was so pretty I didn't want to miss out since it was discontinued and I'm so glad I did! It's beautiful, great quality, and my baby seems comfy, and so am I! It arrived super fast too. Can't wait to build my collection of carriers from Mama & Roos

Water Ring Sling, Black, Gathered shoulder
Elizabeth Rose
Love it

Item was as described I am enjoying it. Customer service is amazing

Eh not the best but not the worst I’ve tried

I got this so I could carry baby w/o all the straps a and portable oxygen tank backpack but the items is too long on me, not easy to use if you have a micro preemie on oxygen, and it’s complicated to put on.!

Thank you for your feedback! Having a micro premie on oxygen is so challenging, and I first just want to acknowledge that you are doing an amazing job for your baby. I absolutely want you to be able to carry your baby, and so I hope that these suggestions can help.

A woven wrap is really flexible and versatile, but I can definitely see how it would be hard to wrap around those things. My first suggestion would be for you to practice wrapping around a baby doll, get the hang of the motions, and then practice with that doll with something representing your baby's tubing. There are several factors at play that make this a bit more challenging, and I think breaking down each step for yourself and feeling confident there will help you to transfer that more easily to your actual baby.

Another option for you to consider--I've found that many families with more complex medical needs children find it easier to settle into babywearing with something that has open sides because it allows for more obvious places to include tubing, etc. It's challenging because when babies are super small, some of the open side carriers (SSCs, meh dais, etc) simply aren't small enough to hold baby properly.

And of course, I want to encourage you, because babies are constantly growing and changing, and every time you try things will get easier just because your baby is growing and getting stronger, and you are also learning and getting better.

Finally, I want to refer you to the Facebook group Special Needs Babywearing. This isn't a group I manage, but they do have some really experienced caregivers who are familiar with many carrying situations and can give you feedback from personal experience. That group link is here:

I hope that that helps. Thank you for reaching out. Wishing the best for you and your family.

All the best,
Alexandra Puppelo

Swoon for rainbows!

My favorite thing, wrapping my rainbow in nice and close to me. I have had several carriers, upwards of a dozen different brands and styles. Lenny always wins my heart.

Onbuhimo, Oasis
Stephanie Schebler
Love love love

Such great quality and so soft! With 2 year old triplets and a one year old I am almost wearing someone. The quality and comfort of the Lenny Lamb carriers is worth every penny and more. I highly recommend!!

Shoulder Bag
Rachel Desimone

I'm so very happy with my latest purchase from Mama and Roo's! This bag has a gorgeous color scheme and adorable dinosaur print, plus the fabric is of the highest quality cotton! What's not to love?

Onbuhimo, Oasis
Lacie York

I got this carrier for my 22 month son for when we go to Disney World. So far I’ve practiced wearing it and he loves it! My typically active boy cries if I take him out. There must be something very comforting about that position. I’m so relieved knowing he will be content while waiting in line!

Long Woven Wrap, Carousel of Colors
Lilly Carney
Beautiful wrap

I'm new to wrapping but I love the colors of this wrap, the price is great, and it's easy to care for. The wrap is good quality and has been great learning with.

Water Ring Sling, Black, Gathered shoulder
Crystal Sauk

Should've purchased earlier because this is both momma and baby approved! We've used it at a water park, in the shower, and around the house too. Love it!

Shoulder Bag
heather w
Love it!

Cutest bag

Wonderful wrap

This is my first woven wrap. I never wore my daughter as she hated a structured carrier and I was afraid I would drop her in a wrap. But I decided to give it a go this time around. Point is, I don't have much experience and definitely no other wraps to compare to, but I love this wrap. It is beautiful and the fabric feels great. I actually plan to buy another in a base -2 right now!