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It was great, but too big. Exchanging for a smaller size

Awesome Onbuhimo

This is our first onbuhimo and we love it. It is sturdy yet soft, high quality, and beautiful.

Lenny preschool carrier

Absolutely love this carrier! My little enjoys it and feels secure . The woven material is so beautiful.


Really easy to adjust, my daughter loves it. I can only get maybe a min of just holding my daughter before my back starts hurting, with this carrier she is weight less. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a really amazing carrier. The design and colors are truly one of a kind. Costumer service 100% best service I have received!

A great summer wrap!

This wrap is great it's thin enough for warm weather, but very supportive. It's so soft and works well with my 9 month old as well as my 3 year old! The colors are so pretty and match just about any outfit I need it to! The different colors make it helpful in learning to wrap and to get it tighten properly!

My daughter loves it!

My daughter just loves being able to carry her dolls around like I carry her baby brother! These are well made and easy enough for her to get on and off by herself!

Wish we could’ve used it

The onbuhimo was beautifully made and I had been so excited to use this with my older son, to tandem carry with my newborn in a ring sling or wrap on the front. Unfortunately, my oldest was absolutely NOT into it at all.

My first SSC <3

There's definitely a learning curve with this carrier, but I do love how I don't have to worry about making a seat. My baby loves it, the pattern is SUPER cute, and the fabric is really soft. Definitely love the versatility this has to offer. You can't go wrong with this style!

Moving on up to the toddler size

Although I'm really sad I have to bump up to toddler size, I'm really grateful I can keep using the Jurassic Park New Era pattern. Currently pregnant with baby #2 so I wanted to have a carrier I could customize and not have a belly wrap.

In LOVE with this wrap <3

I can't get enough of this pattern! I wanted to give a woven wrap a try, since up until now I've only really used slings and my SSC. It's on the longer side but I like having the freedom to try some of the fancy finishes

Perfect for outdoor adventures!

I got this ring sling for our first camping trip with baby. Showers at the campsite are super small and can get dirty, so I needed something to help me take a shower with baby. I was a little worried this would hold up when wet, but the material became better when it was wet. It made taking a shower a breeze, I didn't have to worry about a soapy, slippery baby.

Sling Rings
Stephen Shanks

Sling Rings



Soft and beautiful

The wrap is beautiful and of high quality. I bought two of these to be able to carry my twins in and have my hands free as well as let my husband wear one. I am still getting used to wrapping and carrying one child. Therefore I have not wrapped them both yet but bought one long enough to wrap them both for months to come. I definitely recommend the woven wraps for secure carrying.

Light weight and quick to learn!

This is a great carrier! It’s so light weight compared to our other one, and it was easy to get the hang of which is always a plus. Only thing that could be better is the ease of pulling the straps to adjust, as you need to make sure there’s some slack to grab before putting it on or they’re super difficult to grab and tighten. Other than that, we love it! I’m in PA and got it in one business day, just in time for our mountain vacay! Hiked 10 miles with it on and my 8 month old barely fussed 🥳

Great carrier!!

Nice, bright colors true to photos. Strong material. Comfy to wear. I’m a first time onbuhimo buyer/wearer, so there’s definitely a learning curve to get baby in carrier on my back alone and adjust straps, but I did it! The videos were a big help! I love the idea of no waist straps. Excited to bring this on toddler’s first intl trip.

Mystery Gift
Shelby V.
So much fun!

I got a waterproof bib, some lil helicopter socks, and a metal straw! So exciting and fun!

Quality material!

This is so nice to use for my three year old. We hike often and I hate carrying those hiking backpacks on my back. I can wear this for long periods of time on challenging hikes and it’s so comfortable for both my son and I. Wish I found these with my other kids.

Good for cooler weather and indoors. I wouldn't recommend it for the summer as the material is thick which also means it's very supportive. It's very comfortable, distributing the weight evenly and keeps baby in ergonomic position. The straps are a bit long and rest on the floor when you're putting on the carrier so beware of dirty floors. It was a little difficult to wrap baby in carrier in the beginning but I'm getting the hang of it. I still haven't mastered the back carry.

Definitely a required add-on item for the teething!

Love this carrier

I was looking for a carrier for my 11 month old. I wish I would have found this sooner. He loves going in it for walks/chores around our hobby farm. I can’t wait to use it for an upcoming trip to national parks. It’s comfortable and beautifully made. A perfect carrier for older babies who have out grown other new born/ baby carriers.

so amazing!

every thing was getting so soaked! and now these bad boys do the trick. i also use them as forearm cuffs to catch all the drips and drools!

Love This Wrap!!

So, I've been using this wrap for about 2 months now on my 23 month old and has been fantastic! She was outgrowing all her other wraps and I wanted another that she could grow with. This has been perfect. Very comfortable for me and her! Highly recommend! I also got my daughter her own wrap for her baby dolls and she loves wearing her babies as well!

***Pre-order Only*** Babywearing Sweatshirt - Black
Shelby V.

So amazing! And my favorite! I use it when ever I'm out and about on a chilly day. It keeps baby warm, keeps me warm. It's soft and cosey. I got a Medium and it is a little big but I'm not complaining because now my partner can use it too!


I love this it's super light weight for out and about walking on a nice summer day! It's also very good quality I would 100% buy again if I needed too!