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Well-made. I use it for all my pumping stuff and for quick trips, and it matches my carrier.

So comfortable

My son is a year old and 35lbs, this is my first wrap and it’s a life saver on my arms and back. Before I was carrying him most of day, was only able to use one hand at a time, and my arms never got a break. I’m not the only one who loves the wrap my son does too and gets so excited when he see me put it on. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it must be comfortable to sit in because my son falls asleep every time I wear him on my hip. I only wish it came with a link or QR code on how to do different styles of wraps with and without rings.

Soft and gorgeous

Very comfortable to wear and sticky enough to be easy to wrap. The material is definitely pretty thick, still not too hot because it’s linen but pretty heavy for when it’s 85+ Fahrenheit. Gorgeous fabric - would be fancy enough for a formal event.

Lenny Hybrid, Emerald
Austin Arnold
Love it

This is my new favorite carrier. My baby falls asleep as soon as he gets in it and the color is amazing. The quality is wonderful.

Obsessed with this carrier!

Such an incredible carrier. Not only is it beautiful to look at and top quality product, but it is so easy to use! Both my 3yr old son and younger toddler son LOVE being in this onbihumo. I have wanted one for over a year now and I'm so pleased with this affordable and beautiful carrier!

very good

My son likes it. He can sleep well in the Onbuhimo.

Didy Onbuhimo, Jade
Mama trying
A little difficult to use

This carrier seems like it will be a good option for my one year old, but unfortunately she will not let me put her in it. The times I tried, I needed to adjust it and fine tune the fit, which was a little cumbersome. I really wanted this to work and hopefully we will get to use it in the future.

Always a good choice

I'm a big fan of Lenny Lamb. The construction, colors and quality of their products are amazing. Love keeping these in the car for quick shopping trips!


I’ve always preferred wraps but have fallen in love with this carrier! Soft right out of the packaging, comfortable, and my baby loves. The design is beautiful and it’s now my favorite carrier. Definitely worth the money (even my husband agrees after seeing how baby calms down and falls asleep instantly lol)

Mama & roo

I have used this nearly everyday since I got it! I am so happy with how the weight of my toddler is displaced and while it is for sure an endurance sport to carry a toddler and a workout for me I have had no pain using this carrier.


Love this shopping bag! Have gotten tons of comments on it!

Our new favorite wrap!

We have many carriers and wraps and use them frequently. This by far is our new favorite! It's so soft and the fabric worked very easily to front carry.

Very Cute

Nice sized bag to throw a few things into for grab and go summer activities. I was expecting it to have a little sheen from the pictures and it’s a matte finish that’s my only complaint. I’m excited to use it biking, and at the zoo, and for other activities this summer!

Comfortable for us both

Before this I only had a linen ringsling... I never want to go back. This ringsling is soft and breathing which we love as we live in the southern USA.

Onbuhimo, Oasis
Katherine Sunnenberg
Wish I had known about these sooner

We are loving our new Onbuhimo for our one year old. He’s big so I got the larger size and might try it with our toddler also. I like that there is no waist strap. Still getting the hang of getting the right position for both of us but it feels secure and saves my arms. Also love that it rolls up fairly compact.

Love these bags!

Beautiful, sturdy and we'll made!

Sling Rings
Katy Spivey

Great rings I use them daily with my woven wrap I purchased

You need this!

Best ever! I wish I found this years or even months ago! I got a 3X and I’m 5’6”,180 lbs, and a size 12 jeans. It fits me and my 25 Lb, 9 month old perfectly.

Not fat friendly

Really??? I understand cloth costs more but $15 from L to XL? You’ll never get my business.


I'm not understanding if you've purchased previously or not. But these are woven fabrics made from ethical manufacturing, locally sourced materials and high quality, child-safe dyes. The difference in length between a size 7 large and a size 8 extra large is 5.2m compared to 6m. This is an extra 864 square inches of woven material. When we sell this material by the meter it costs much more than $15 per meter.

If you've been shopping around, you may notice many stores do not even carry size 8 wraps. We make a special effort to include wraps and ring slings in larger sizes in every shipment. Our soft structured carriers fit comfortably for parents up to size 6x or 7x and we do not typically charge extra for longer custom length waist bands (custom length wraps and ring slings are also possible but with a fee for the extra fabric length).

I'm sorry that you are frustrated by the pricing, but we do our absolute best to be inclusive to all body types in a respectful way. Fabric does cost more - these are not t-shirts and must be safe for children, so they are specially rated and tested fabrics.

Thank you for stopping by. Should we be able to assist with anything in the future, please reach out.

Love 😻

Such a beautiful and soft wrap! This is my first woven wrap and I’m officially hooked!

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Perfect fit!

I love my new LennyUpgrade! It has the most adjustments available on soft structured carriers that I have seen, which has helped us get the perfect fit. The pocket is spacious and the material is very soft!

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Quality product

I wish it was a bit easier to put on by myself but I’ve seen other women do it without a problem so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as well. The customer service rep was incredible with helping me find and sending me videos of how to do it on my own. This company is pretty great and this has been my first purchase. Super pleased with all aspects.

Perfect for hiking with a toddler

I purchased this carrier to use on hikes with my 3 1/2 year old (33 lbs). She is able to walk most of the time but this carrier allows us to leave the hunky, clunky stroller behind and really frees us up to do some fun trails! The Onbuhimo carrier is easy for the up-and-down demands of a toddler. The process of getting her in and out was under a minute. When riding, my daughter would kind of melt onto my back and was very comfortable.