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Long woven wrap

Let me start by saying, I love baby wearing. My son loves it even more. He gets very excited when he sees me putting on the wrap.


The pads and straps are beautiful, easy to snap, and sewn with care. I’m so happy with them! The straps are multipurpose since I can use them separately to keep toys from falling on the floor while I’m holding my baby on my lap. 😊

Love this carrier

This carrier is SO comfortable to wear, so soft yet a lot of support. I like the front panel that flattens my stomach too. So great to have a preschool sized buckle carrier. My 3 year old daughter fits in it great and we use it for hikes.

Gift Card
Easy transfer

Love supporting small companies! Great quality wraps and carriers.

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MacKensie S.
Lenny Upgrade Blue Moon Symphony

Lovvvvvvvve! Customer service was great — can’t wait to refer all of my friends! Two have already ordered!! One purchased the Lenny Preschool Peacock — also gorgeous!!!! 10/10 — definitely ordering again!!

Sling Rings
Emily B
Sturdy rings

The purple is a really cute color and the rings are really sturdy. I'd like to learn different wraps that have a ring finish to make my wraps fashionable. I do think I need bigger rings for a ring sling style with my woven wrap, so I might order bigger rings next time.


We love the versatility and comfort of our meh dai/wrap tai. I find it easier to manage than a woven(which I am also fond of), while still having the beautiful colors and finishing tie offs. It's great for quick on/off. Due to a shoulder injury, I find it difficult to weird a wrap some days, so this is a wonderful alternative.

Onbuhimo, Smoky Mint
Best carrier ever

I love this carrier! I hate having a belt strap squishing me and this solves that completely. And it's beautiful and customer service was A+ and shipping was fast! My only regret was not getting this sooner!

Necessity in our lives!

So before I had my Hybrid I had a few different brand carriers. They worked "fine" but a few hours using them my back was in pain, my son was dropping, I had to either readjust or even re-wrap and we were just both were just over it. It's been a different experience since I got my Lenny Hybrid. It's soft and cozy for both my son and I, beyond secure but movable for my son while in it and no more back pain! I love this carrier style. I feel like the Upgrade is a bit more practical for on the go but I need them both for different times equally. Thanks again Lenny Lamb/ Mama & Roo's for giving us a positive carrying experience everytime!

Long Woven Wrap, Promenade
Crystal Reckman
Love this wrap!

This wrap is so pretty! It took a minute to learn how to use it but once I got it baby and I both loved it! She falls asleep within minutes when we use it.


My first ever woven wrap. The colours are beautiful I get compliments all the time. I have ordered a ring sling from Mama & Roos and can't edit to get it!

LennyGo Ergonomic Carrier, Tangled in Love
Emilie Taylor
Lenny Go

I purchased a Lenny Go which was beautiful and arrived quickly. Customer service was very helpful as I tried to find the best fit for my baby and ultimately decided to exchange for a different model.

Long Woven Wrap, Promenade
Alyssa Creekmore
Amazing and versatile

I love the wrap that I got for my baby! I had a different brand of stretchy wrap and the mama and roo woven wrap works so much better for baby carrying since it’s more adjustable.

Onbuhimo, Carousel of Colors
Brittany Clark
Awesome carrier!!

I bought this carrier for our Disney World trip. It was super easy to put on and we were able to use it for our 2 1/2 year-old and our 7 month old. It’s a little difficult to initially get baby on since he can’t support his back as well as my 2 1/2 year old. You have to create the seat for them. Other than that it was amazing and had incredible cushion pads for my shoulders and great support!

I love my new carrier!

I got the infant size wrap tai. It is so beautiful and very easy to use once I got the hang of it! Baby feels very secure and cozy in it and I don't feel like my back is strained at all like with some other types of carriers.

Lenny Hybrid, Jurassic Park - New Era
Love at first sight!

I absolutely adore dinosaurs and have them scattered throughout my house, so getting an ad (while pregnant) for dinosaur baby carriers piqued my interest! My first Lenny Lamb purchase was this carrier - I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl and decided to go for the rainbow dinosaurs and the hybrid style. i loved the idea of wrapping, but wasn’t sure I could do it correctly and this is the perfect starting point!

My son thinks it’s super comfortable and loves snuggles in it! I love the wide straps (the wrap part) that make it extremely comfortable to balance his weight while carrying. It’s easy to adjust too and gorgeous! We get compliments anytime I wear it in public too

Absolutely ADORE this carrier!!

Newest carrier in this house and it’s GORGEOUS!!. This is DEFINITELY an improvement from any similar style carriers I have tried already (several versions of ergo baby, none as comfortable, soft, or pretty as this!).
The 100% linen fabric is soft and silky in a way I didn’t know linen could feel! Texture is huge to me with fabrics, and I just wanna keep playing with the carrier cause its so silky smooth!!
The straps are thick and padded as well making them extremely comfortable. Definitely looking forward to long walks using this!
Baby loves it too - his first instinct was to taste it of course, but then he quickly snuggled up for a nap! He normally naps quickly in wrap style carriers, this was the first time he napped in one that was all buckles. Definitely baby approved!

Long Woven Wrap, Deco - Maroon Moss
Ginny Poe
Love this Art Deco style wrap!

This wrap is my go-to item all day every day. I find it to be perfect for cooler days, and keeps my baby secure to me through hours of walking or doing tasks around the house. It’s also just gorgeous! I consider it to be the centerpiece of my outfits these days.

Lenny Hybrid, Under the Leaves - Golden Autumn
Lenny Hybrid

The fit, fabric and print is amazing! Absolutely love it. Totally worth it! 10/10

Long Woven Wrap, Luna
Niki B.
Beautiful Wrap

This wrap is beautiful with such bright colors that the photos don't do it justice. It's also sturdy and soft right out of the box. The only complaint I have is that the rails are a bit difficult to distinguish from one another because the top and bottom of the wrap are similar colors.

Onbuhimo, Promenade
Kelly Pepper

Onbuhimo, Promenade

Long Woven Wrap, Symphony Daydream *Discontinued* Only Size 6/M available
Love it

Got this wrap as the second, more grippy and heavier wrap than the other I had in this size.
It is perfect and beautiful and I can't wait until it's fully broken in!

Lenny Preschool Carrier, Tanzanite
Tasha N
Amazing toddler carrier!

A little pricey but much cheaper than hiking carriers. This awesome, easy to use by yourself, toddler plus carrier has made it so much easier to take my little guy and dog out together ❤

Onbuhimo, Waterfall
Jessica Reyes

Everything was great with the carrier but the straps. The straps dig into your shoulders because only part of the strap is padded. We had to use a blanket to alleviate the pain from the straps on the tops of our shoulders.

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for sharing! I think you could really benefit from a fit check to get this carrier working for you. Some adjustment of the PFAs and the rotation of the carrier may get this just right for you.

We offer free fit checks and support in our group:
In the questions to enter the group, let them know Alexandra sent you =).

If you'd prefer a video, I recommend this one:

Thank you for your feedback!

Onbuhimo Paisley

Love this!