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I have six mama Roos carriers now and love everyone of them ❤️ I have worn them since my daughter was three months old. Great quality, wash well and easy to use

Nice quality, but uncomfortable for me & baby and hard to yse

I unfortunately can’t figure out how to get this carrier to fit my baby and me comfortably even after watching various tutorials. It’s beautiful quality and I thought would be perfect for us, but I can’t get her to ride high enough no matter how much I tighten the straps and she fusses after a couple minutes, I think because it presses too hard on her legs. My help request for a fit check or return arrangement seems to have gone unanswered, unfortunately, so I am starting the return process now. Too expensive for a hard to use uncomfortable item.

Love my new preschool carrier!

I am so happy I can extend carry, I love the new carrier. My experience was great ordering from mama & Roo’s. Alex talked me through my options and helped me pick what would work best for me. It was 9pm and I wasn’t expecting any kind of answer but Alex was super nice about it! Customer service is amazing! Thank you!

Swoon worthy!

Came for the beautiful fabric, stayed for the comfort and perfect fit! The bamboo blend is lightweight and was great for 7 miles hikes. My 2 month old is happy and is taking wonderful naps due to the sleepy dust this carrier gives off.
Also, shout out to Alexandra for the incredible and personal customer service she provides!

Lenny Hybrid, Airglow
Chelsea Russo Jensen
Lenny hybrid

We LOVE our LL airglow hybrid. The colors are beautiful and it instantly gets the burps out of bub and is full of sleepy dust. It’s my favorite LL carrier so far! I was concerned about sizing so I reached out to the team and they responded right away with tips for a better fit or other exchange options based on other purchases I’ve made. Turns out, I wasn’t using it properly and my worries washes away with their fit check. Will definitely be buying again, only bummed I didn’t join the VIP club with my first purchase!

Lenny Preschool Carrier, Promenade
April Long
Love this carrier!

This carrier is so comfy that my 2 year old fell asleep in it soon as he was in it. I love the breathable fabric and the coverage. We are using it for our 1 year old and our 2 year old!

My favorite wrap

This wrap is a life saver. Keeps my baby close to me and makes tasks a lot easier!! Everyone always comment on how beautiful it is.

Onbuhimo, Airglow
Jose Salcedo
Great idea.

I love the carrier except the fact that the lower strap adjustments stab the sides of my ribs so I don’t wear it as often as I would like.

Love, love, love!

For reference, my baby was two months old when I was able to get my hands on this carrier. I love the adjustable seat of this carrier! It’s easy to get a good fit on even small babies. I love how lightweight this carrier is and how it packs up small, but is still comfy and supportive. It gives my family more freedom to keep doing the outdoor things we enjoy!


This carrier is awesome. The fabric is great, soft and comfortable. The padded straps are a nice touch. I can carry my 60lb nephew or my 30lb daughter with ease. Easy to adjust as well. I'm very satisfied with my purchases

Beautiful colors, great for snuggling

I love the colors and the material is sturdy. I thought the fabric would be sturdier/feel more padded for my shoulders and back based on a woven wrap I'm borrowing from someone else. So in the long run, I'm not sure I'll be able to use it with my baby once she's heavier but for now, it's great.

Comfortable carrier

I have used the Lennylight with my 2-year-old and 4-year-old. I've carried my 2-year-old and it's several times for over an hour and it was very comfortable and easy to use.
I've walked a couple miles with my 4-year-old in the Lenny light as well and he felt very supported.
I haven't tried it with a smaller child yet, but I like the fact that I can adjust the width and height.
My favorite part is the travel bag that comes attached to the carrier. Packs small and it's nice to be able to put in my diaper bag or purse.

Onbuhimo, Pastels
Natalie Yoder
Super cute but not something I can wear a long time

I chose this carrier because my son wants to be looking over my shoulder at everything I do and I wanted something not super bulky. This thing is tricky to put on, ESPECIALLY if you're on the go, and I'm super mechanically inclined. I feel like I'm squishing my child while putting it on, but once he's in and it's on he really likes it. He's 11 months old, 21 lbs, and sits unassisted fine but as soon as I start the process of putting him in this he just plops over. It's also a lot of weight on my shoulders, which I didn't know how that would feel until I tried it and for me it's intense. I'm also having trouble getting him up high enough to really see over my shoulder. I want to recognize that I'm a slender 6'2" woman and that might really make carriers different than advertised, perhaps on an average body type/height this fits very different. I will definitely still use this carrier, just not for long periods of time unless my body can get used to it and not when I'm by myself on the go until he can help me put him in it more.

Love it

It works great in the water or for a walk in the summer. Much cooler than other carriers!

Love this fabric

Love it

My 3yr old, 35lbs son loves this carrier and so do I! He's so comfortable that he's actually been able to fall asleep in it, even while I was coaching soccer (loudly). It's also super comfortable on me as well. The ultimate test will be when we are traveling in Europe later this year.

Lenny light

We are so excited about the new Lenny light. Love how light weight it is and so easy to use. Also love how many different ways you can use it. It is wonderful to be able to buy something that can grow with your little.

Good Quality Carrier

I love the carrier! Great quality and comfortable. One down side is that my son is 8 month old and he will be outgrow it shortly.

Awesome for preschool

My 4 year old was getting too heavy for our other carrier but she still wants to be carried in amusement parks by the end of the day. This carrier is perfect for my 45 pound child with extra room for her to grow throughout the year! I'm so excited and it's really pretty.

Lenny Hybrid, Airglow
Christina Stivers
Love the hybrid

This carrier is amazing and soft, and airglow is absolutely beautiful! It wasn't my perfect carrier but I wished it was. So easy to put on quickly and the perfect mix between a wrap and a soft buckle.

Always a good experience

It’s always a good experience ordering through Mama & Roo’s. I needed some advice for a preschool carrier and they provided it and I received it in good time.

The carrier is beautiful, soft, & floppy. I love Lenny Lamb woven structured carriers

Soooo comfy!!

I’m a nanny so I’ve tried allllll the carriers & let me tell you, never have I been so comfy & at ease w over 30# on my back!! The 4yr old is tickled pink that she can be packed from time to time now too!

LennyGo Ergonomic Carrier, Luna - Mesh
rebecca gomez

The carrier is soft, easy to use, great in the heat, and even with my 4 year old I can barely tell she is there. It's great having a carrier made for an older child. She loves it, and I love it too

Still getting the hang of it

This ring sling is very light and breathable. I have the konny mesh carrier for the summer and I love it but it’s not water safe. I am going to Arizona soon and wanted something I could use in the pool with my 6 month old. It is very secure and doesn’t slip a bit. I am still learning how to get my son into it with the rings in the right position but it works like it is supposed too. It is also plus size friendly. I am a size 12-14 and I still have a good couple feet of tail length so it would probably work up to a size 18 maybe 20 which is awesome!

It ripped after a month of use

The wrap was fine until one month of use! I contacted customer services but they only want to give a discount if I buy another wrap with them, because they said it was no defective. When I received it I washed and dried it, I followed the instructions to washing and drying and it was fine, I used it one month! And it ripped! So if you buy in this website, be careful, maybe you should buy wraps and baby carries in the brand website or another provider. I had another wrap and a ring sling from different brands and I followed the instructions and both are fine after several washes.

We're sorry you are dissatisfied. Unfortunately, we cannot replace items damaged from use that is not caused by manufacturer defects. Our manufacturer also reviewed this for us, and this damage is simply not possible from washing and drying. The way that these wraps are woven would make this damage impossible to happen spontaneously, unfortunately.

Per your communications with us, the item looked okay after the wash and dry process. So I'm not sure what happened exactly. Life, unfortunately, can cause things to happen to items.

Our cotton wraps are a pretty forgiving material. We've never had a customer have an issue like this previously unless other sources of damage caused it, unfortunately.

Thank you for your feedback. We do understand how frustrating it is when something gets damaged. We have kids and pets ourselves and we've seen plenty of mishaps! That is why we offered you a courtesy replacement offer. Should you choose your extremely discounted replacement, offered as a courtesy, you may reply to our customer service team and we will help you with that.