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Great Gift!

Purchased as gift and the expectant Mother said,” they are as beautiful in person as they are on the screen!”

Mystery box Hybrid/wrap bundle
Brianne McLinn
Great bundle

The mystery bundle was a great price point for me to get to tryout different styles of babywearing. The pattern of the Lenny hybrid isn't my usual style but I do love the blue! The carrier is very soft and easy to use and adjust. The woven wrap is our favorite so far. Baby just loves it!

Mystery box Hybrid/wrap bundle
Catherine Ferguson
Enjoyed my bright buys

Got a very colorful LennyLamb hybrid carrier and wrap that I love! Use both often and they are very rainbow 🌈 bright. Also nice sling rings

Great product

The quality is beautiful, communication with the seller was above-and-beyond excellent, the shipping was fast, and we are very happy with our Onbuhimo. We bought this last minute before a trip and it was perfect for quickly scooping up our 18 month old toddler and carrying her hands-free through the airport. I’m pregnant and it was easy for me to put on and comfortable because of the waist belt free design. She is just starting to wear 2T clothing and still maybe a little small to be in it for long periods without it catching her in the armpits, if that’s helpful for someone debating between sizes,but we are also still figuring out how to best adjust the very customizable fit. Overall it was worth the purchase for the airport alone.

It’s been over a week and no response to my missing items. I only received 1 of 3 items - missing almost $175 in items. Very frustrating. Horrible communication.


I absolutely love this carrier for my 8 month old! He is in 18 month clothing right now and fits great! I’ll definitely be buying the next size when he outgrows this one. It’s so comfortable for me. He wasn’t a fan the first few times I tried it, but he grew to really like it!

Love this bag!

This bag is so great! It's the prefect size for bringing all the extra things I need for the day, but don't want in my diaper bag! So pretty and super well made!

Mystery box Hybrid/wrap bundle
Amazing box!

We love this box it's the prefect combination of carriers that will work with all ages of my little ones! The carriers are so soft, well made, and so beautiful! Definitely recommend getting this box!

I ordered a size up of this carrier to the Toddler size. I already owned an Original size one. The toddler size is a lil big for my guy right now but it works just fine for an extra carrier. That was my hope then to have this carrier to use when he grew out of the original one. My son is 18 pound skinny 13 month old. He looooves the Onbuhimo carrier we use it all day long on and off. I use it forward facing for breastfeeding and picking my older daughter up from school. If he falls asleep I just throw him onto my back and I can do just about anything I need to do around the house or out and about. The fit for this carrier for me I am 5’ tall 180lbs. So I have a small torso with a mommy belly so carriers that go around waist are a bit to long and cut into my belly very uncomfortable for me and I hate the way it looks. So this for me is very comfortable fits on me like a back pack comfortable shoulders. It takes a few weeks to get your body used to carrying the baby. I 100% recommend.

Onbuhimo, Luna *Summer 2024*
Christina Economou

Both my husband and I have tried countless times to get this on with our baby, and we just can't get it. It doesn't feel secure or safe. We are 99 percent sure we are doing it wrong, but can't figure out how to do it right either. I regret this purchase.

Roo's VIP Club
Rachelle Loera
This is such a godsend!

The print is gorgeous! Can easily be used for both genders. The padded straps are very comfortable! My 2 yo is 39 lbs and I have back issues. Carrying him gave me a pinched nerve in my leg so I thought my baby wearing days were gone. Thank you Mama and Roo for giving us more time to bond and cuddle!

Easy, Comfortable, and Stylish

I was hesitant to try a ring sling because I thought the one shoulder carry would be uncomfortable for me.

I was looking for a light weight and easy to put on carrier that would allow me to keep up with my older child too. I also needed a quick solution for errands and other chores as my baby likes to be held often.

This carrier is perfect for my everyday needs! It is so soft and it distributes the weight across my shoulder well. No digging in. I find the hip carry the most comfortable for both me and baby.

I also love that while it is strong a single layer of fabric keeps my baby cool. She gets too hot in wraps or padded carriers.

This is the fastest carrier to put in and get baby in. My daughter loves it and will even nap while being held.

We are exclusively breastfeeding and I love that this carry can easily be adjusted to help support us during a feeding or even be used to help provide some privacy.

I can’t say enough good things about this ring sling. I love it! And if you are in the fence just buy it. You won’t regret it.

(I am also excited I got a Water Ring Sling too! My family spends most summer days at the pool or lake.)

Great price!

Managed to grab a discontinued pattern that I had at home!

Sling Rings
Teresa Diaz
Nice Metal rings

They are well weighed and made. Just gotta get the hang of it now.

Loved the item but ordered wrong size. But wrap is beautiful and well made

Long Woven Wrap, Jurassic Park *Discontinued ONLY M Size 6 - AVAILABLE*
Picky Mama
Lovely dinos

This wrap bloomed beautifully. It's cozy and supportive without being hot. Exactly what I needed for my toddler.

No Hood!!

This carrier does not have a hood, even though one is pictured in this item's photos (in grey color, and in jurassic, that is apparently not the same model). Matching hood reach straps are available but not a hood. This is incredibly frustrating, as I ordered it well in advance of my baby arriving and my return window is closed. Lesson learned on checking things over better right away.

I was told by customer service to sell it in a swap group, or use a receiving blanket. I spent a lot of money on this cute pattern, to have to be using a blanket for sun and wind protection.

I understand a hood might be available soon, but that's another unforseen cost.

The photo with hood should be removed from this item, and in bold letters it should say 'hood not included'.

To add to this, the clip between the shoulders is extremely difficult to operate. Almost impossible during crunch time, with a screaming newborn, for a new mom. It takes a lot of practice.

Onbuhimo, Promenade *Discontinued*
Great Customer Service

Great customer service. There was a confusion with my order and they went above and beyond to make sure it was right. The carrier itself is beautiful and well made. Unfortunately the Onbuhimo style is a bit less than I hoped for, but no fault of M&R. I find it’s not as good of a solution for quick up and down as I hoped and I found my ssc more comfortable and quicker to get baby in and out of.

Lenny Preschool Carrier, Carousel of Colors *Discontinued*
Laureen Davison
Love every product that I've seen!

Admittedly, I am not the best one to explain (or understand) the differences between this carrier and the one that I intended to order - ONBUHIMO - PRESCHOOL, CAROUSEL OF COLORS, but any of the products that I've seen are first class! My dil introduced me to their products, and they are far superior to anything else that I've come across. Gut feeling, you can't go wrong with any of their products!

Ring Sling, Under the Leaves - Golden Autumn, gathered shoulder *Discontinued*
Madison Wheeler
It’s beautiful!

Beautiful and soft! I was glad to grab it up before it was no longer available!

Onbuhimo, Carousel of Colors - Discontinued ONLY TODDLER available
Laureen Davison
This company is the best!

I have rarely encountered a company that is so easy to work with, quick
and courteous responses. I had to make an exchange, simplest exchange EVER!
Many thanks Mama & Roo, this grandma will be ordering from you again!

Lenny Preschool Carrier, Peacock's Tail - Fantasy *Discontinued*
Davidson Victoria

I love the material and design, but it's pretty confusing as to how to use a better set of instructions would have been helpful as I haven yet qua figure that had to put it on by myself.
With a baby.

Seem good? Maybe my baby is too old. No instructions.

Not sure how to use these as there were no directions 😬. The suck pads seem good. My baby is now 1 year and while she mouths everything it only seems to protect the clips, not the actual straps (which she doesn’t care about). Not sure how to use the reach straps though 🤔

My favorite carrier for older baby.

I was bought a Tula carrier, hated the belt but lived the functionality. Did some research, if they had something that could be backpack and on front. I found this and with a bunch of hesitation, I ordered it.
I proceeded to message them to cancel the order I was second guessing my decision of the color, given I have a son. They replied back by next day ready to cancel my order, I decided to not cancel and keep with the order. Very friendly! Then I realized I needed it sooner being that I ordered a print that was a preorder, that it could take a while to receive. They assured me it would be here within a few weeks and it was.
So glad I chose this carrier and their site is affiliate with a payment plan which I took advantage of so wasn’t so much of a blow financially at once.
Overall beautiful carrier I use it for my 10 month old son (which fits him and me on the smallest setting in backpack style) to breastfeed and put him to sleep, then flop him on my back asleep while I do chores. It took me about a week to kinda get the hang of the adjustments and now I do it quickly and with ease.