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Gorgeous colors

The colors on this wrap are gorgeous and rich. I love the weave. It doesn't have too much stretch, it feels very secure and has a good grip to it.

Love this carrier

I've been wanting to try an onbuhimon carrier and couldn't resist when I saw the golden autumn print. It's even more gorgeous in person!! My new favorite carrier. I love not having the lower buckle, I've avoided carrying on my back forever because of it being uncomfortable, so this is great. Works pretty well for front carry too.

Absolutely worth it

I absolutely love this carrier! Literally one clip only and fast assemble from baby to you. No crazy clips all over. I love mine and have been using it since my baby was 5 months.

Every preschool teacher needs one!

I teach a special needs preschool class and while I bought this one for personal use with my 5 yr old son, it's also a lifesaver at school with my kiddos! I was borrowing a friend's to see how I liked it before buying one and I seriously think everyone should own one now 💕 also, the colors on this print are so vibrant and it got here within 4 business days!

Amazing carrier!

The hybrid half buckle is an amazing carrier for my 16 pound 3 month old. I find it easier to put on than the ring sling or SSC that I own and more comfortable at this weight than the stretchy wrap. It's comfortable on my (bad) back and baby loves it. I'm thrilled with this purchase and may have to get a second. I highly recommend it!

Beautiful carrier

My toddler and I are not used to onbuhimo type of carrier but we will get the hang of it! She fell asleep in it during the second wear. The color is beautiful and it is comfortable.


If you love thin wraps- check out Didymos! I love that it’s easy care because it’s all cotton and the colors are gorgeous. It’s pretty cool too because it looks different in different lighting, so take photos and show off your wrap in different lighting. The colors are a dark blue & sand, almost looks golden. The details are amazing, truly made by an artist weaver.

Soft Straight Out the Bag!

I have Little Love in a meh dai and it was so soft straight out the bag so I decided to buy it in a different colorway as a wrap with the same result! I love the neutral colors to balance out my stash. This is one of the softest all cotton carriers from Lenny Lamb that I’ve had.

Transacting with Mama & Roo is always a pleasure! She’s super helpful with questions and can get me in the right direction with choosing a product.

Amazing quality! So cute! Great service.

The preschool baby carrier exceeded by expectations. I am currently 5 months pregnant and needed something to assist in carrying my chunky toddler. This definitely is a life saver! The quality is great and it is seriously so cute. The original order had shipping complications, so I reached out and my concern was taken care of that day and I got my carrier just a few days later. Very pleased.

Comfy and adaptable

Perfect for sick day cuddles when I sill need to get work done. This carrier is so adjustable because of the wrap straps than I can sit down at my desk comfortably with it on, loosen it to nurse when I need to and tighten back up without waking my little guy.

Comfortable and easy to use

Probably should have sized up because my toddler is on the cusp of being 2T and the standard carrier feels a little snug, but overall very high quality, easy to use, and will be perfect when we have our next baby!

Onbuhimo, Waterfall
Jessica Young
Lightweight hiking option

I ordered this after using a baby carrier that goes on your front. That one gave me horrible back pain. This one didn't! I was able to do 2 miles without baby's weight bothering me. I still need to get comfortable putting it on but we love it

The colors are beautiful

I’m so excited to get to learn how to use this wrap. My girls are 3,3 and 4 and I wear them until they decide it was enough. New baby will be here in the spring and I can’t wait.

Not as advertised

This wrap is well made but the colors are unfortunately not the same as the product photos. We ordered this wrap after extensive searching because based on the product photos it seemed perfect for both my husband and I to wear. The colors seem very subtle in all of their photos. We ordered it with faster shipping because our son just outgrew his other carrier and as farmers we need a carrier daily. When it came in we were met with a very vibrant wrap and we were sure it was a mistake. Sadly, when we emailed the company to rectify the situation we were told that they apparently don’t verify all of their product photos and we should’ve contacted them for photos before ordering. If we chose to send it back they withhold a 15% fee and they don’t refund shipping fees, and when we requested a partial refund instead we were denied. We needed the wrap then and didn’t have time to wait for another to ship so we elected to keep it but will not be using this company again or recommending them to anyone else. We’re including an unfiltered photo with a black background so no one else is disappointed if they choose to purchase this wrap. It’s beautiful just very much not what we thought we ordered.

Review updated to 3 stars- After 2 weeks of telling them how dissatisfied we were, the company refunded us 10% of the purchase price and said they were sorry that WE FELT this wasn’t accurate advertising. They do not seem willing to verify their product images for current or future products or to even update just this one product posting, so I won’t be adding more stars. It’d be a 5 star wrap if it was advertised correctly but we weren’t looking for a vibrant wrap.

We are sorry Katelyn was dissatisfied with this wrap and our policies.

The colors of the Girasol wraps especially are quite complex as they are handmade, with no 2 pieces being identical. Our wraps in Twilight photograph differently in different lighting, but we do feel the photos provided by the manufacturer Girasol give a good representation in certain lighting. We can certainly add more photos in different lighting.

We do offer free (no fee) exchanges for store credit and sent Katelyn a prepaid shipping label for a return/exchange. We withhold a 15% restocking fee on returns to cover the many costs associated with shipping and returning an order as a small business. We also issued Katelyn a partial refund for the inconvenience as she was unable to return the item.

Thank you for your feedback.

Great Customer Service

I love the quality of the products. Lenny Lamb makes great carriers. The customer service is top notch. Will buy from again.

Sturdy + Comfy

Love this carrier! I LOVE the high carry and looove that there is no strap to dig into my belly and create a shelf for my boobs (lol). My toddler feels more included in what I’m doing while in it. It does tend to make my shoulders ache after a while of wearing it but I read the reviews and was prepared for that. Adjusting my posture and straps has helped with that. (The straps also roll up so no annoying dangling straps!). I’m still working at getting that deep seat for babe’s hips. Really handy at the grocery store or a quick doctor’s visit so I’m hands-free to use the bathroom or deal with my 3 year old. Definitely recommend! Also the linen + color choice is 🙌🏻


I get compliments all the time with this ring sling. The fabric is soft and the pattern is perfect.


I love this pattern. The fabric feels stiffer than the rainbow one I have which actually works out nicely because it doesn't need adjusting as often

Absolutely adorable

Got this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. It's better to use for stuffed animals than baby dolls unless it's a soft body doll. Well made.

Amazing carrier for big kiddos!

This carrier is so amazingly comfortable with big kiddos! I loved that I could wear all my kids in one carrier comfortably! It easily adjusts small enough for my tiny 2 year old and then large enough for my 6 year old supporting them knee to knee! The fabric is super soft, but supportive.
& its easy to put on.

Great Little Backpack

My boy loves this backpack. He just turned two, and we took our first trip via airplane last week - it was great for quickly moving between flights and was the only way I could get him to sleep during our long layover. The best part is how compact the backpack is - it fit within my personal item and was quick to get out and get ready. My only complaint is the pack is fairly difficult to get on without some else there to make sure everything is safe - I feel it can be done, I just need a little more practice.

Great wrap

Such a great wrap and gorgeous as well! My little one and I are excited to use this beauty for many adventures.

Lenny Preschool Carrier, Symphony Rainbow Dark

Onbuhimo, Promenade
Harper Anderson
Perfect for me and my son

I absolutely love this carrier. It’s perfect for walks through the woods, walks on the trail, or just carrying my son through the house while I am doing things like cleaning. He’s not the biggest fan of the stroller and I didn’t really want one of those backpacks with a metal frame I just don’t care for the way that they look. This carrier is absolutely perfect. It took a bit of configurations before I got all the straps and buckles as I needed them but after some YouTube videos and a little practice I can get him into it pretty easily.

Package Protection
Kari Kremer
Love the Onbuhimo!!

So far we’ve only used it around the house, but after watching a couple how to videos getting my daughter in it was so easy! Can’t wait to use this on our upcoming cruise!