Long Woven Wraps


      Long woven wraps, also called "baby wraps," are long woven pieces of fabric. Strong enough to support a child for years, these wraps can have varying qualities based on their weight/thickness (gsm), their weave (broken twill, herringbone, jacquard, etc.), and the fiber content (cotton, linen, Tencel(R), etc.). Long woven wraps are strong, soft, supportive, and extremely versatile, making this an excellent carrier from newborn through toddler and beyond, for any caregiver/child pairing.

      Sizing basics:

      Most start with base size, and the most popular base size is a 6.  Tap here for more details on sizing to help you choose.

       My First Long Woven Wrap Base Size. I wear a t-shirt size XS-S, my base size is 5; I wear a t-shirt size M-L, my base size is 6; I wear a t-shirt size XL-2XL, my base size is 7; I wear a t-shirt size 3XL-4Xl, my base size is 8. mama-roo.com

      Fiber tips:

      Low number gsms (less than 200) are very thin and light

      Mid-range gsms: 200-300 

      High gsms: These are heavier wraps that are often well suited to older children 

      Gsms under 240 may not be "cushy" enough to be comfortable for the wearer in supporting a toddler, though they are still safe.

      Happy wrapping! Feel free to reach out with any questions. Many find trying a variety of styles works well for them.

      23 products

      23 products