All the ways we babywear: Indoor fun!

Picture this: 

It's 2am. Your 2 week old baby has woken up again. You feed and change your cutie, but they just aren't ready to close those eyes. How do we convince your angel that it's time to rest?


It's always fun to imagine hikes and adventures outdoors while babywearing, but I know my carriers did their most work for our family while we were indoors =).

Here are some of my favorite ways to use a carrier over the years that didn't involve the "great outdoors":

  • Consoling a restless or fussy baby: This is the number one way we used our carriers for the first months of our son's life. Wearing your baby puts them close to your heart. If you've ever laid your head on a loved one's chest when you're feeling emotional, you'll know how comforting hearing a heartbeat and the up-down of someone's breath can be. This is especially true for your baby, who has spent their whole life before birth with the constant sounds of your body! Many babies especially love when you rock, sway, or walk once they're in the carrier. Pro tip: Try wearing your baby while gently bouncing on a birth ball! Perfect for late nights when you just can't walk another step.

  • Grabbing a meal: Babies need a lot of attention--but you still need to eat! If your baby fusses when you set them down, there's no need to make them cry. Grab your favorite carrier, settle them in, and then get yourself a snack and relax!
  • Nursing time: One of the most life-changing skills in caring for your baby is learning how to nurse (or bottle feed!) while wearing your little one. This allows you to continue with your day--or at least have the use of your hands! Baby gets warm milk and you can read a book... Or maybe just help your toddler with a craft =). No matter what you choose to do, being able to have a little more use of your arms while feeding your baby can definitely help in those long days and nights.

  • Getting those chores done: The best thing about a vacuum and a baby is that a vacuum provides great white noise. That means, better sleep (we hope!). But if your little one just doesn't want to rest without you (can we blame them? Moms & dads are pretty cool!), just pop your cutie into your carrier and do what you need to! When we do our household tasks with baby on us in a carrier, we often lull baby to sleep. Even if they don't rest, they are still comfortable, safe, and secure. Even better, they are experiencing the real world--you world! And this is great practice for them as they learn where their place in the family will be one day. Believe it or not, your tiny newborn will one day be a toddler who can't wait to help you load that dishwasher, just like mama and papa. Dare we hope that will one day translate to a helpful teen? I mean, we can only do our best, right? ;)

  • Enjoying family gatherings: Seeing grandma, grandpa, and all our friends can be so much fun. But, it can also be overwhelming for our tiniest little ones. The easiest way to keep baby calm and avoid constant pass-the-baby games is--you guessed it--putting them in a carrier. It's hard for someone to pull baby off of your when they're literally strapped to your chest! When baby's ready to join the party again, just take them out again. Easy peasy. 

  • Exploring errands: Whether it's the grocery store, the library, Target, or any other place you've got to go, there's a wrap for that! We often go from place to take care of our family's needs. Instead of using space in a cart or holding baby in your arms, a carrier allows you to do what you need while keeping baby safe and comfortable. Relax on your errands, instead of rushing through them. 

We love using our carriers for all kinds of situations, in all kinds of ways! No matter what you've got planned, there's a carrier that'll help you enjoy those moments with your cutie. At home or out, you'll love the cozy convenience a carrier brings to your life.

Which activity will you try with your little one in a carrier today? 

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