Winter Fun: Can you babywear while... printable

Winter Babywearing Fun!

Let's have some fun this winter and babywear!


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Winter Babywearing Fun - tap for printable


Activity Descriptions:

Babywearing while...

-On a hike: Bundle up and explore! We recommend thin, warm layers for baby and separate booties instead of footie pajamas. Then put the carrier on and warmer layers over both of you as needed =).

-Eating S'mores: Maybe a bonfire is in order!

-Having Hot Cocoa: This is a great one to have on a dark, chilly evening. A thermos lets you enjoy it outdoors, too!

-Walking to see lights: Whatever decor strikes your fancy, a baby in tow in a carrier is always fun. Babies love the twinkling and sparkling of holiday decorations

-Dancing: Whether it's a party for one or the whole family is involved, you're bound to have a great time

-Decorating: Outdoors, indoors, or with a friend, those baubles and lights are a delight for you both! Pro tip: If you have access to evergreens, trim a few branches and bring them inside. The fresh pine scent adds a wonderful sensory experience for your little one, and you can make fun, simple crafts like wreaths. Or just lay the greens across the mantle for winter color

-Playing in the snow: Can you build a snowman with baby strapped safely in a carrier? Give it a try!

-Feeding your baby: Bottle, breast, or table food, they'll love the closeness of feeding in a carrier. Pro tip: Got a squirmy little one? Try bribing them to stay in a carrier by giving them snacks! This is especially helpful when learning to back carry

-Seeing a train display: There's something cozy and fun about watching the trains through a miniature village. If your little one can safely turn things on and off on the display, even better! 

-Shopping: Whether you're on the couch, at the mall, or getting groceries, it counts!

-Out with friends: Make it a friend date! Your baby will feel safe and secure as they settle in to a new outing while in a carrier

-Planning a meal: We've all gotta eat! Let your baby "help" while snuggling as you plan

-Feeding the birds: Put seeds in feeders or spread bird-safe food (like fruit and nuts) onto trees and bushes. A great sensory experience, too!

-Reading a book: Is there anything better than a good book when it's cold out? Maybe a good book plus baby snuggles ;)

-Relaxing outside: Go ahead, get a fire going and have a meal outdoors this winter. Or, maybe you'd like to sit and count how many birds you can find. Your little one will benefit from the outdoor air and closeness with you. And you can, too!

-Making art: Whether you're painting the snow with food coloring, or you're doodling inside, making art is good for the soul <3

-At a bonfire: Let the fire keep you warm while you hold your little one. Just don't get *too* close to the flames

-Planning a surprise: Give yourself something to look forward to this winter! A surprise party for a friend? A last minute adventure? A special night out after work? Whatever makes your heart happy, let your baby tag along as you come up with ideas. Who knows, maybe they'll provide the perfect inspiration =)

-Learning something new: Look something up or find a friend, and try something you've never done before! Crochet, anyone? Or maybe cricket! The possibilities are endless 

-Relaxing inside: A movie night, perhaps? Or maybe a cuddle next to the fireplace? Whatever makes you feel at home, let your baby tag along

-Helping someone: Could you bring a treat to a neighbor? Volunteer at a local food pantry? Help a friend with a project? Helping others brings joy to ourselves, and that joy is contagious!

-Trying a new style: Give a hip carry a try, or a back carry. Or, if you have a wrap, try a fancy finish with some sling rings. Learning new carries is a great way to have fun this winter =)



Which will you try first? Don't forget to print it out and mark as you go!

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