Text reads, "Customer feature: Mom win!"

You're the hero in your family's story

To quote a book I've been reading my son on repeat,

"I don't think hero is too strong a word, do you?" - Chez Bob by Bob Shea*

Sometimes, you really rock this parenting thing. And it's okay to celebrate! We always love hearing your wins... and I think you'll love what J had to say:
Email reply, Subject "Re: A shipment from order has been delivered" From customer JK to Alexandra at Mama & Roo's. Email reads, "You have no idea just how much you've helped this mama and sick baby! Thank you so much for getting these new carriers delivered to me by today. He's been living in the Lenny Hybrid (I think it was called Lotus) carrier every time he gets sick and that's been a ton since he just started daycare at 26 months after living in a COVID prevention bubble with me and his dad since his birth at the start of the pandemic in April 2020. You are my permanent baby carrier retailer of choice forever!"
Customer email 
J reached out to us after placing her order, asking if we could have it to them as soon as possible. Her little baby needed more snuggles to get over this sickness, and fast!
Of course we couldn't leave a fellow mama hanging!
And just look what a perfect pair they are:
A black mama wears her black baby on her back in 100% linen Lotus Blue hybrid half buckle baby carrier. She is working on her phone while baby sleeps with the hood up cradling his head.
Customer photo holding child on her back in a linen Hybrid while working on her phone.

Another mama win in the books! 

It's not easy being a working parent in a pandemic with a baby. J, you're doing AMAZING.

And so are you, friend--it's tough out there, but you're loving those little ones through it all.

So go ahead, pat yourself on the back!

And if you need to save the day like J did, you know we're here for you <3.

"You are my permanent baby carrier retailer of choice forever!" - J K

Thank you so much for your high praise, J! It really made my year! <3

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*Chez Bob by Bob Shea is about an alligator who opens a birdseed restaurant on his nose. It's as silly as it sounds! Definitely recommend you check it out for your little one =).





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