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How to Keep Warm While Babywearing

Winter weather will be here before you know it. But the mercury dropping doesn't mean we can't babywear!


Here are our best tips and tricks for staying comfortable and cozy when it's cold outside.



Consider your carrier to be an extra layer for baby (or mulitiple layers, for multi-layer passes)

Dress baby in a thin, warm layers. Puffy or slick coats can slide and make it harder to get a good fit

Consider a babywearing cover, coat, or sweatshirt to regulate temperature over you and baby. Babywearing covers, coats, and sweatshirts often have built in protection for your baby's head. This protects against the wind and weather.

We have these wonderful covers that are perfect for the "shoulder seasons"!

Model wears her baby with a babywearing cover available at Mama & Roo's


Cover up

Protect your baby's hands, head, and feet 

Babywearing booties provide warmth and stay on better.

Limited quantity wrap conversion babywearing booties available from Mama & Roo's here!

 Limited edition babywearing booties from Mama & Roo's



Lots of thick layers can be uncomfortable for you and baby. Clothing for babywearing is made with extra room in the hips. This allows your child to sit more comfortably. This also prevents pant legs from riding up and exposing your little one's legs!

Footie pajamas and outfits may be adorable, but they aren't a good choice when babywearing. This is because of how fabric can bunch up at baby's hips. In addition to clothes with extra hip room, avoid clothes with built-in socks. Instead, do separate socks and booties.


What would you add? What do you do to stay comfortable in cold weather while babywearing?


Here are our winter collection picks below:




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