Mama & Roo's babywearing educator & founder Alexandra adjusts the chest clip of the Wild Soul Daedalus Preschool SSC baby backpack carrier. Text reads, "Quick tip: How to adjust your Preschool SSC"

How to Adjust Your Preschool SSC

Get the perfect fit in your Preschool soft structured baby backpack carrier with tips from Mama & Roo's founder and babywearing educator Alexandra!
Get step by step instuctions below.


First, adjust your carrier's panel height and width.
Adjust the height by using the pull tabs on the panel.
Adjust the width by using the Velcro adjustment inside the waistband.
What panel adjustment should I use?
For width: Preschool age children should be supported at least mid-thigh to mid-thigh for width. Use the markings as a guide, but know that each child is unique. You may need to try different settings to find the width that works best for you.
For height: The top of the panel should be no lower than just below your child's armpits, and no higher than the bottom of the ear. Any lower and baby could toss themselves out by leaning backward! Any higher and you could interfere with your child's airway.
Decide on the Hood
You can leave your hood on, or you can use the snaps to remove it!
Don't forget the PFAs!
The perfect fit adjusters (PFAs) are thin fabric connecting the panel to the thicker arm strap padding. These usually ship to you closed, or with the fabric cinched up tight. This moves the padding up very high. Adjust the PFAs to move the padding higher or lower. Many find that a more open PFA is a good place to start.
PFA adjustments provide more comfort for you and for your little one!
Convenient 2-way arm strap adjusters
Whether baby is on your front or back, 2-way webbing allows you to comfortably adjust the ruck backpack straps to your desired tightness
Customize the Chest Clip
Slide the chest clip up or down as is comfortable. You can also loosen or tighten the chest clip as desired. If you're using the cross-strap option, you don't need to use the chest clip at all!
Cross them or ruck it
The arm straps can be unbuckled to allow for you to cross the straps. This is a great comfort option for many caregivers. It can also make it easier to put the carrier on by yourself! Easily switch between ruck and cross-strap options for different outings or different caregivers. 
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