How to Torso Carry in a Hybrid half buckle baby carrier

Babywearing how-to: Torso Carry in a Half Buckle Meh Dai Baby Carrier

In this quick video, babywearing educator and Mama & Roo's founder Alexandra shows how to get baby on your back in a torso carry in a half buckle meh dai hybrid baby carrier.

She is using a Preschool Hybrid baby carrier in this video.

Learn more below!

Why a torso carry?

-Feels lighter and cooler for warm months

-Take pressure off your shoulders for those with shoulder issues

-Allows for flexibility if you're tired from carrying your child for long periods of time


How to do it:

-Put baby on your back

-Lift straps into the air to reduce slack

-Pin one strap between your knees

-Take the other strap under your shoulder and across your body, tightening across your body

-Do the same on the other side, with the strap under your shoulder

-One at a time, spread the passes across your child's torso behind you. Check to be sure you aren't lifing too high - you don't want to cover their face by mistake =)

-Spread the passes and tighten. Do the same with the other strap

-Spread and tighten again

-Tie a double knot - or use rings!


That's it!

Will you give this carry a try?


See our Hybrid Half Buckle Baby Carriers here:


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