Ring Sling Quick Tip: Flip your sling!

Customers often ask about the colors and tags on our ring slings. Watch an easy way to flip your sling's colors.

Mama & Roo's owner & educator poses with ring sling with flipped with opposite side showing. Text reads, "Quick Tip: Flip your ring sling!"


One of the many benefits of our jaquard weave fabrics is that they can be flipped to show new colors on the reverse!
You also may want to flip the sling to hide the tags on the end of the sling. These tags are required by law, and they've got to go somewhere! If you don't like the tags on your sling, one option is to take them out gently with a seam ripper. But another option is to flip the sling to hide them!
Did you know? You can wear your ring sling on either shoulder, with either side facing out. It's up to you! Just keep in mind, the ring slings Mama & Roo's currently carries are designed as left shoulder carries. This means that some patterns will look upside down when worn on the right shoulder.
Not sure which shoulder you use? You'll put the rings on the shoulder opposite the hip you use to carry your baby. To get your own beautiful ring sling like this linen ring sling in the video, head here to shop!
Watch and learn below!


Find your new favorite ring sling below!


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