Model wearing baby in Lenny Light SSC in design Jurassic Park New Era, available at Mama & Roo's. Mama & Roo's logo. Text reads, "Try us risk-free! Satisfaction guaranteed"

Satisfaction Guaranteed - We've made returns a whole lot easier!

At Mama & Roo's, we love babywearing. I only carry items that I think will bring you joy! We've carefully curated designs, fabrics, and styles we absolutely love.

But what if you've never tried babywearing before? What if your baby isn't here yet? What if it's a gift? What if you don't know what *kind* of carrier you would like best?

Model wearing baby in Lenny Light SSC in design Jurassic Park New Era, available at Mama & Roo's. Mama & Roo's logo. Text reads, "Try us risk-free! Satisfaction guaranteed"

First- we get it! We're parents, too, and we've been there. With so many "firsts" with a new baby, it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you have questions or need help, we've got a great quiz here to get you started and some great blog posts to walk you through here.

But what if you still just aren't sure?

I hear you! That's why we've decided to make our returns process even easier. We want you to love your new carrier. The best way to know if you'll love it is to try it! When you buy a Mama & Roo's carrier, you can do just that.

Here's how!

1- Order the carrier(s) you're dreaming of. I know you've been looking- go for it! Most carriers can be returned. But keep in mind, we can't accept returns on discontinued, limited edition, clearance, or special order items. If you aren't sure if something is returnable, go ahead and message us via the chat on this page or send an email to We'll confirm you're good to go!

2- Once you receive your items, set the packaging in a safe place - the mesh bag or box, manual, cardboard tag, white recall tags, etc. You'll need these if you decide to return! 

3- Make a quick note on your calendar of when your order shipped- you have 30 days from that date to let us know you need a return or exchange

4- Put baby in the carrier! If you need help with fit or anything else, you can message us, email us, or ask questions in our friendly Facebook group here. We've also got a great selection of articles here in the journal. No question is too big or too small--we love to help! Baby isn't here yet? You can practice using a teddy bear, backpack, sack of rice, or weighted doll. Anything that gives you a little sense of "something" in the seat of the carrier will give you an idea =). If you're pregnant and testing a carrier with a waistband, you can test with the waistband above or below the bump, whichever is comfortable

5- Don't be afraid to try different settings on the carrier, take baby outside, or take baby out. Just make sure to keep the carrier clean and undamaged. Keep it away from pets and strong smells for good measure! A mindful walk around the block, errands around the house, or a quick trip to the playground can all be done while keeping the carrier in good condition to return. Is your little one teething? Consider adding a pair of suck pads to your order. The suck pads may end up getting chewed (thus not returnable), but, they'll protect the carrier while you give it a go!

6- Try it and love it? Awesome! Congratulations on your new parenting superpower!

7- Try it and *don't* love it? That's okay, too! Head to our returns portal here within your 30 day window. That's right - now you don't even have to talk to a person! The portal will guide you through your options. You can exchange with no fees, or you can return and just pay shipping fees (deducted from your refund amount). Consider the shipping a "rental" price. Or, compare it to the cost if you were to travel to a store (or a few!) to try carriers out in person. We love the convenience of shopping online, but shipping unfortunately has costs. Sometimes we spend as much as $40 to ship an order out- and that's one way within the US! You won't pay more than our standard shipping rate of $12.99 each way, for a total of $25.98.

8- Once you've selected your return or exchange preference in the portal, your return label generates automatically at no cost to you! Gather up that packaging you saved when your carrier arrived and be sure to include it. Double check that nothing... strange... happened to the carrier. It probably didn't- you're careful, I know! But, the carrier does need to be in the condition you received it in. If you look it over and everything looks good, and you've still got all your tags and packaging, you're good to go! Pack everything up, print your label, tape it to a box or poly bag, whichever you have available, and drop it off! You can even have your mail carrier collect it from your home on their regular route- how easy is that? No printer? Sometimes the post office can print the label for you. It's worth it to stop by and ask!

9- That's it! We pick up from our PO Box and process returns weekly. It can take a few days for your item marked "delivered" to actually appear in our box. Once we receive your item, we'll look it over and process your refund or exchange, whichever you chose. Check your email for confirmation, and remember that banks can take a few days to clear refunds (PayPal can unfortunately take a week or more to process, so hang in there! If you get an email that we sent the refund, I promise it's on its way!)


Your satisfaction is guaranteed- if you try it out and it's not for you, no pressure! We want to make your life as a caregiver easier. 

Wanna read the full return policy? You got it! Here's the link.

The most important thing to remember- we care about you and your baby. If you need anything at all, just message us, either via the chat or email. We love chatting babywearing! We've heard it all, so don't be shy- reach out and we're happy to help.

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