Mother carries her child in a wrap conversion combination meh dai baby carrier

What are Wrap Conversions?

Wrap conversion baby carriers are something special. But why? What are wrap conversions? And what makes them so great?
Mother carries her child in a wrap conversion combination meh dai baby carrier in design Jurassic Park New Era from Mama & Roo's
Wrap conversions start out as long woven baby wraps. That fabric is then cut and sewn into a different type of baby carrier. This could be a ring sling, onbuhimo, meh dai, or SSC. 
Why does it matter? Long woven wraps are made to carry babies. They're woven in a way that's soft and supportive. They're also breathable. Many wraps are made of easy-care materials. Designs are woven into the fabric. No screen printing that fades. It's the real deal, straight from the loom!
Carriers that aren't made of long woven wraps are often more stiff. SSC carriers are commonly made with canvas or even plastic. These materials may be durable, but they aren't as comfortable or flexible. There isn't much airflow through the fabric, which can lead to overheating. Patterns are pressed onto the fabric as opposed to being a part of it.
Wrap conversion carriers are as strong and long-lasting as non-wrap conversion carriers. But, they have many other benefits! For the ultimate in comfort for you and your child, a wrap conversion baby carrier is the way to go. 
All of the ring slings, meh dais, onbuhimos, and SSCs at Mama & Roo's are wrap conversion carriers. We chose to bring you the most comfortable fitting carriers, so you can enjoy babywearing as long as you and your child want to!
If you're ready to explore the wonderful world of babywearing, you've come to the right place!


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