Dad wearing child in Jurassic Park Lenny Upgrade backpack carrier. Text reads, "Best Baby Carriers for Dads"

Best Baby Carriers for Dads

Is your hubby always "borrowing" your carrier? Does your partner love holding and loving on your little one? Let's find him his perfect match!

Dad wearing child in Jurassic Park Lenny Upgrade backpack carrier. Text reads, "Best Baby Carriers for Dads"

We've rounded up our 5 favorite carriers for dads. Perfect for father's day, baby showers, vacations, and more!

Our top pick for dads: Backpack Carriers (SSCs)

Customer photo of dad wearing child in Preschool SSC in design Jurassic Park - New Era

What are they? 

Backpack carriers, or SSCs, have a buckle waistband, soft structured panel, and backpack straps. Your baby goes in the panel and you secure the carrier with buckles.

Why are they great for dads?

Baby backpacks are familiar and easy to use. Back, hip, and front carry friendly, so you can adventure however is comfortable for you! For dads who worry about sweating, try our hot-weather friendly SSCs in linen, bamboo, or with a mesh panel.

Our SSCs come in 4 sizes. See them all here.


Best for experienced babywearing dads: Onbuhimos

Customer photo of a dad carrying a child in a front carry in a Carousel of Colors onbuhimo

What are they? 

Onbuhimos are waist-less backpack carriers that position baby in line with your shoulders. Make a seat with the panel, put baby in, buckle the chest clip, and go! These require more practice to learn and are best for those with babywearing experience.

Why are they great for dads?

Waist-less is great for size-conscious dads, and the quick "ups" in an onbuhimo are great for tossing toddlers up high. If your little one loves piggy back rides from dad, this is a winner! Feels like a piggy back ride, but with added support for the caregiver. 

Our onbuhimos come in 3 sizes. See them all here.

Best for dads: Ring Slings

Dad wearing newborn in a Jurassic Park ring sling

What are they? 

Ring slings are a piece of strong fabric with a pair of rings sewn at the end. This makes an adjustable loop for various kinds of one-shoulder carries.

Why are they great for dads?

Ring slings are easy to learn and adjust. Versatile when not carrying baby, you can use it as a blanket or strap. Mesh water sling options are especially great for summer fun at the splash pad, pool, or in the rain!

See all our ring slings here.

Best for dads: Hybrids

Customer photo of dad carrying newborn in Jurassic Park - New Era Hybrid carrier

What are they? 

Hybrid carriers are a combination carrier. They have a buckle waistband and 2 fabric arm straps. Buckle, place baby in the soft structured panel, then tie on with the straps.

Why are they great for dads?

The wide fabric straps on our hybrid carriers are versatile, making them comfortable for dads with a variety of body shapes. Narrow shoulders or wide, the straps are easily customized to you. A cozy carrier with a familiar buckle, a great combination for dads comfortable with tying the straps. For dads who "run hot," be sure to check out our linen options, like the Enchanted Nook - Wild Nature Hybrid here.

Our hybrids come in 2 sizes. See them all here.

Best for creative dads: Long woven wraps

Customer photo of dad carrying child in a long woven wrap in print Promenade

What are they? 

Long woven wraps are long, strong pieces of woven fabric that you tie around you and baby.

Why are they great for dads?

Long woven wraps are the ultimate in customization and comfort. These carriers can be used for any body type or physical condition. Easy to learn, but a challenge to master all the advanced options! Great for dads who love trying new ways to do things. You'll never get bored with a long woven wrap! Worried about the heat of all that fabric? You'll get the most comfort out of a linen or bamboo wrap, like this Terra - Rustle linen long woven wrap here.

Our long woven wraps come in 5 sizes. See them all here.

Ready to choose?

 See our curated collection for dads below!

Questions? Just message us with the chat on this page. We're always happy to help!

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