How to: Suck Pads and Reach Straps for Your Baby Carrier

How to: Suck Pads and Reach Straps for Your Baby Carrier

Mother wearing child in an Airglow design baby backpack baby carrier while using matching Airglow suck pads. Text reads, "How to use Suck Pads & Reach Straps"

A mother wears her child in a baby backpack carrier in design Airglow with matching Airglow suck pads.


Join Mama & Roo's babywearing educator and customer service rep Jessi as she shows how to use suck pads and reach straps with your Mama & Roo's carrier! Watch the video or continue reading below!

Suck pads: These extra accessories protect your carrier from chewing babies and drool. So easy to wash, too! The suck pads featured here have a fleece side and a fabric side. Unsnap the pad and wrap it around the shoulder pad in the desired location, fleece side in. Snap in place. You'll notice ribbon that you can use to attach toys or binkies, too!

Reach straps: These allow you to more easily pull the hood up when you're back carrying your child. They can also be used to extend the hood for attaching pacis or toys. Depending on your carrier style, you may have a place to snap the hood strap to the reach strap. If not, you can tie a simple square knot to connect them. To connect the reach strap to the carrier, you can either use the provided clip to slide or snap the reach strap into place; you can tie the reach strap to the webbing; or, you can snap the reach strap to the webbing. Whichever is most comfortable for you!

We strongly recommend suck pads & reach straps with all of our carriers. Suck pads are a great way to protect shoulder pads or wrap straps from the normal wear and tear of your little one. Plus, it keeps your carrier cleaner, longer!

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