Unboxing! Lenny Lamb Rainbow Baby, Preschool Carriers, Symphony Rainbow Light, Onbuhimos

More beautiful Lenny Lamb carriers & wraps have arrived! Take a closer look at Rainbow Baby & accessories. See how big the waist bag, mini waist bag, shopping bag, and shoulder bag are. See the detail on Symphony Rainbow Light's long woven wrap. See an unboxing of Smoky Honey Preschool Carrier - how big is the preschool carrier anyway? How does it adjust? What features does it have for comfort?

Also see our restocking of our popular onbuhimos in Light and Shadow, Smoky Honey, and Carousel of Colors!


New Preschool Carrier prints just in:

-Discovery (preschool carrier only design!)

-Smoky Honey

-Peacock's Tail Fantasy

 -Peacock's Tail Provance

-Wild Soul Daedalus

-Carousel of Colors

-Jurassic Park



Watch now!

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