Unboxing! Lenny Lamb Restock and New Items 1/29/21

Come hang out and watch us unveil ALL the pretties <3.

Restock and new items from Lenny Lamb arrived this week (box #4 did arrive the next day!)

Onbuhimos, Upgrades, Hybrids, Ring Slings, and Woven Wraps are here! And more!

Some of the gorgeous prints seen in this video:

  • Rainbow Baby (the whole line is here and going on the site for purchase asap!) - gorgeous blend has horizontal stripes one way and vertical on the reverse! wraps, ringslings, onbuhimos, hybrids, upgrades, LennyGo SSCs, waist bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, suck pads/reach straps, doll carriers 
  • Unicorn Lace (Tencel(R) and cotton blend): Woven wraps, ring slings, onbuhimos
  • Under the Leaves and Under the Leaves - Golden Autumn - ring slings
  • Rainbow Safari - ring slings
  • Peacock's Tail Provance - Onbuhimo, Upgrade, ring sling
  • Symphony Pure Joy (linen / cotton blend): onbuhimos
  • Lotus - Black (100% linen): onbuhimo
  • Time (with Skull): Onbuhimo, ring sling
  • Colorful Wind: Onbuhimo, ring sling
  • Sketches of Nature - Pure (cotton & bamboo charcoal): onbuhimo, ring sling
  • Lotus - Purple (100% linen): ring sling
  • Dragon - Dragonwatch: ring sling 
  • Peacock's Tail - Funfair: Ring sling
  • Peacock's Tail - Fantasy: Ring sling
  • Abstract: Ring Sling
  • Twinkling Stars - Perseids: Ring sling
  • Cobalt: Ring sling
  • Emerald: ring sling
  • Little Herringbone Grey: ring sling
  • Little Herringbone Ombre Grey: ringsling
  • Little Herringbone Ombre Pink: ringsling
  • Smoky Honey: long woven wraps & suck pads/reach straps
  • Smoky Mint: suck pads/reach straps
  • Symphony Rainbow Dark: onbuhimo
  • Little Love - Candyland (bamboo / cotton blend): Ring sling


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