How to: High Back Carry in an Onbuhimo - Table Method

How to: High Back Carry in an Onbuhimo - Table Method

Onbuhimos are very popular carriers right now, for good reason! They allow your baby to see the world from nice and high, they are nice and light and roll up quickly, they fit easily in a diaper bag, and they accommodate the quick up/down of a toddler. Since it is a waist-less carrier, this is perfect if you are pregnant and want to wear an older baby or if you don't like anything constraining your waist.


The video below describes what an onbuhimo is, how to adjust and use an onbuhimo properly, and how to get baby on your back using the "Table Method". I find it's easier to get baby up nice and high where they belong if you can start baby up higher by coming up from underneath =). My favorite height is the trunk of a car!

A note when bouncing--you can totally use a hand under baby's bum to help bounce them up, too =). In this video, the wearer is using a demo doll in a Lenny Lamb buckle onbuhimo in Toddler size in print Dragon Fire and Blood.


Alexandra is the owner of Mama & Roo's and is dedicated to making the lives of families easier, happier, and more beautiful through babywearing & baby carriers.

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