Testing the *NEW* Lenny Hybrid Toddler Half Buckle Meh Dai

Announcing a preschool-sized half buckle meh dai on its way from Lenny Lamb!

looking up at Toddler Lenny Hybrid in Rainbow Lace Silver, Tied Tibetan across the chest

Lenny Hybrid - Toddler size, tester in Rainbow Lace Silver

Scroll down for video!

We've been asked to test this new carrier and provide feedback! What do you think of this design? Is it the dream for you???

Intended for ages 1-6. Safety rated from 15-66lbs.

 Close up of Rainbow Lace Silver Lenny Hybrid half buckle meh dai - Toddler size tester


Test carrier dimensions:

Knee to knee width: 9" to 22"

Panel height: 15.5" to 19"

Shoulder strap width: 17"

Shoulder strap length: 103" at longest end of taper, 94" at shortest end of taper

 Button Height adjuster Lenny Hybrid Toddler Tester in Rainbow Lace Silver

Button pull tab height adjuster.


*New* feature - removable shoulder padding and shoulder pockets! Perfect for getting the perfect custom fit and for stowing away items in an easier to reach place when needed. I've tested and gotten a phone and keys into and out of these pockets while wearing!

Padding for shoulder pockets, Lenny Hybrid Toddler - tester in Rainbow Lace Silver

Pads for shoulder pockets for adjustable padding.


  • Can be worn back carry, hip carry, or front carry
  • Adjustable panel width and height
  • Preschool-sized: 1-6 yrs approx. 
  • Safety rated for 15-66lbs
  • Waistband magnetic pocket
  • 2 shoulder magnetic pockets
  • 2 padding options, 12" long by 3.75" wide by 1" thick and 12" long by 3.75" wide by 1.5" thick, or no padding
  • Option to add coordinating suck pads/reach straps
  • Removable lumbar support pad
  • Removable hood

 Inserting padding into shoulder pockets of Lenny Hybrid Toddler Tester in Rainbow Lace Silver

Inserting padding into shoulder pocket.


How does it compare to Lenny Lamb's other carriers?

  • Wider width range than the preschool carrier: 1" smaller minimum, 1.5" larger maximum
  • 2" shorter than the preschool carrier panel maximum height, 2.5" inches shorter than the preschool carrier panel minumum height
  • 3.75" wider than the Toddler LennyGo width at the Toddler Hybrid's maximum width setting
  • 1.5" taller than the Toddler LennyGo height at the Toddler Hybrid's maximum height setting
  • Approx. 15" longer shoulder strap than the Wrap Tai
  • Approx. 16" longer shoulder strap than the Standard Hybrid
  • Shoulder strap is 7" wider than the Standard Hybrid shoulder strap
  • Standard Hybrid width ranges from 8" to 17". The Toddler Hybrid ranges from 9" to 22"
  • Standard Hybrid panel height ranges from 9.5" to 13". Toddler Hybrid ranges from 15.5" to 19"


Remember, this is just a tester! Does this sound perfect to you? Or is there something you'd like to see changed? All feedback needs to be collected by 4/1 to be sent to Lenny Lamb for review! Leave a comment below or send us a message at contact@mama-roo.com 

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 Watch full comparisons here:



Is it love???

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  • Emma

    This sounds almost absolutely perfect! Being tall, I think it’d be nice if the back adjusted up a little higher just for a better fit for taller kids. But even with that, I’ll be jumping on this!!

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