Pond Finish FWCC in Arcadia Plaid

Pond Finish FWCC Demo - Easy Fancy Finish for Beginners

A Pond Finish is a perfect finish for new wrappers to feel and look amazing! An easy first fancy finish, it builds on what you know in a typical front wrap cross carry and ends with a horizontal pass and twist. Perfect for extra support for baby's neck. A one shoulder carry that's easy to learn. Enjoy!

See full video and text tutorials below!

 Pond Finish FWCC in Arcadia Plaid wrap

  1. Start by setting up the same way you would with a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Find the middle marker and place it in the center of your chest. You want to imagine baby being high enough so that they will be close enough to kiss when you are done wrapping. A newborn will need to be wrapped higher than a toddler, for example.
  2. Use the top rail to move one tail diagonally across your back - under one arm, over the opposite shoulder. Do the same thing on the other side. Now the fabric is crossed behind your back and the tails are hangin over each shoulder in the front.
  3. Place baby into the pass across your chest, setting baby up in a good seat.
  4. Starting with the first pass - the part of the cross on your back that is underneath the other - tighten that strap as you would with front wrap cross carry, the standard tightening. Pin the strap between your knees.
  5. Take the other strap - the one that crossed your back second and is on top of the X cross on your back - and move it under your arm, holding tension. Tighten this pass horizontally, strand by strand. 
  6. Take the horizontal pass you've just tightened and bring it straight across, at your baby's neck level. Bring it to meet the other downward tail you tightened first.
  7. Start twisting! Twist the two tails together downward.
  8. When you get to baby's legs, bring the tails over baby's legs and around to the back (or wherever is comfortable). Tie a double knot. There you have it!




Love what you see? Grab your own beautiful Peacock's Tail FunFair wrap and enjoy for yourself!

Peacock's tail funfair wrap

Peacock's Tail FunFair long woven wrap by Lenny Lamb.


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