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How to Fold a Long Woven Wrap

Fold a long woven wrap with me!


Instructions below =)


 Demonstrating with a size 6 long woven wrap from Lenny Lamb in print Rainbow Lotus.

First, find the middle marker. Fold in half on the "short side" - so the full width is visible at the middle marker but the length is halved. Line up the edges as best you can. We will come to the taper at the end!

Fold in half again, cutting the width in half. Line up the edges again.

Now we start "rolling"! Take the middle marker side and fold in slightly, to make a rectangular "packet." Keep rolling the packet along, crisping up the rectangle as you like it as you go.

When you get to the taper, back out the roll by a few rectangles. Fold the tapered end in, toward the middle marker. You may need to fold in again for a nice clean edge.

Then come back to the middle marker side and meet the tapered, now folded in, edge again. Hooray! Now you have a perfect little rectangular packet ready for adventure.


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