Flash BOGO Moving Sale Ends Tonight!

Flash BOGO Moving Sale Ends Today - Bittersweet as we say goodbye to this space, but excited for the future! Let's make it easy on John and put less stuff in the truck tomorrow!


Help us out by shopping our Buy One Get One Free collection: mama-roo.com/collections/bogo


Sale ends at midnight ET tonight because tomorrow we pack these orders and get everything else loaded to move!


Store updates:

  • We'll no longer have a warehouse/retail space in York, but we will do community activities here
  • Orders will ship faster with clearer rates and times from the new Ohio shop
  • We'll be stocking favorite prints across the lines more consistently -Special membership perks in the works
  • Other special events in the works
  • New Girasol and Didymos orders coming--let us know what you want to see!
  • More videos including fun interviews coming soon from a new studio location--let us know what you want us to show you!


Thank you for being here! We've got so much fun planned!

Do us a favor and take these items off our hands *wink*. The less we have to move, the easier it will be for us!

We've never done a sale this good before and I don't know when or if we will again. Buy one item from the BOGO collection and get a second one FREE! Shop by midnight ET tonight here: mama-roo.com/collections/bogo

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