How to Hip Carry in a Half Buckle Meh Dai

How to: Hip Carry in a Half Buckle Meh Dai

Hip carries are perfect for little ones who want to see the world but also crave a little extra coziness. It's a great way to mix up your carrying styles and can be really fun!

 How to Hip Carry in a Half Buckle Meh Dai

Mama & Roo's founder Alexandra holds up a half buckle meh dai (DidyKlick) and smiles. Text reads, "How to Hip Carry in a Half Buckle Meh Dai"


This hip carry demonstration shows a toddler-sized doll, but hip carries can be done with children as young as 4-6 months, so long as they have adequate head, neck, and trunk control.


Watch the tutorial here now, or read below for written instructions:

Typically, when you're comfortable putting your child on your hip in day-to-day life, you're ready to start hip carrying.

  1. Decide which hip you'd like baby on. Typically hip carries are positioned more to the side of the front of your body as opposed to fully on the hip, for comfort. Typically, we place baby on the hip we put them on in daily life

  2. Position the waistband so that the panel is at your hip (slightly forward) and hanging down. Clip the waistband

  3. Lift your child into the carrier, using the straps to help support your child in place

  4. Lift the far strap (closest to your back) and bring it around your back. It will go under the shoulder closest to the panel and over your opposite shoulder. Drape the strap down. Pin the strap between your legs

  5. Bring the front strap horizontally across the front of your body. Flip the hanging strap (that was pinned between your knees) up and over the horiztonal strap. The strap that was vertical should now be hanging down behind you

  6. Reach for the strap hanging behind you and bring it around the front, over the panel

  7. Tighten both straps rail by rail. Pin a strap between your knees if necessary to hold in place

  8. Bring the straps together, either over or under baby's legs. Spread passes (or not) as desired. Double knot wherever is comfortable

  9. Be sure to tighten fully throughout the process. Rail by rail tightening and gentle bouncing can help. If needed, move baby's bottom out into the panel instead of sitting on the waistband and re-tighten

If you're ready for a half buckle meh dai of your own, check out Mama & Roo's selection of in-stock ethically made carriers that ship from the US featured below:


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