Mama & Roo's Founder holds a short wrap and pair of sling rings. Text reads, "How to: No-Sew Ring Sling"

Shortie Wrap Carries: No Sew Ring Sling / Convert your Wrap to a Ring Sling

Learn how to turn your long woven wrap into a no-sew ring sling! 

 Mama & Roo's Founder holds a short wrap and pair of sling rings. Text reads, "How to: No-Sew Ring Sling"

All you need is a short wrap and a pair of sling rings for a No-Sew Ring Sling


You can do this carry with a wrap as short as base –4. This video demonstrates using a base –2 wrap (size 4). 


If you’re not familiar with how to thread a ring sling in general, check out this video first by tapping here. 


Otherwise, let’s get started! Watch here. Written instruction below the video. 



How to turn your long woven wrap into a No-Sew Ring Sling: 

  1.  Supplies: To do this carry you will need a set of sling rings (available here) and a long woven wrap (available here). We recommend size Large Sling Rings for most wraps for this carry. We recommend a base –2, base –3, or base –4 length long woven wrap for this carry. If you aren’t sure what your base size is, see this article: 

  2. Make a short and a long end: The short side of the wrap should be at least 12” long. This will be the anchor for your ring sling. Place at least 12” of fabric through the set of 2 rings. For this base –4, I am using the length of wrap from about my shoulder to waist as the short side 

  3. Set up the sling: Place the rings on the opposite shoulder of where you naturally place baby on your hip with the fabric behind you. Make sure the short side of the wrap is against your body (the inner layer). Tuck the short end neatly under the long end if needed 
  4. Thread the ring sling as normal. (See a detailed tutorial here) 
  5. Place baby in the ring sling, tighten and adjust seat 
  6. Options for extra length: Leave the fabric hanging for a dramatic tail, wrap around the rings, make a second pass for support, add extra neck support, add twists, etc. Extra fabric can be tucked or twisted as needed. Enjoy! 
  7. To take baby out, simply lift the rings to loosen and lift baby out 


Find your perfect wrap for a no-sew ring sling below!


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