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Treat yourself to something nice! 

A baby and a doll wrapped in a Rainbow Lotus long woven wrap available at Mama & Roo's. Text reads, "How to: Jasmine's Tandem Hip Carry with 4 Rings"

Babywearing How to: Jasmine's Tandem Hip Carry with 4 Rings

By Alexandra Puppelo

This is a great twin carry! Perfect for carrying children of different ages as well. What we love about this tandem carry is that you adjust each child individually. If...

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Mother carrying two children, one on her back and one on her front, with Lenny Light soft structured baby backpack carriers (SSCs) available at Text reads, "Tandem Babywearing Tips!"

Tandem Babywearing (Twins, Multiples, Infant and Toddler)

By Alexandra Puppelo

Tandem babywearing is double the fun! Carrying twins or children close in age can be a great tool.  The first question we get asked a lot is, can I carry...

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Mother carrying young baby in a stretchy wrap in Quartz, available at Text reads, "Babywearing safely is as easy as ABC!"

Quick Review - the ABCs of Babywearing Safety

By Alexandra Puppelo

  A quick guide from the babywearing educators at Mama & Roo's about babywearing safety! Read more below the video =).     A is for Airway - make sure...

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By Alexandra Puppelo

Congratulations! Expecting a new baby is an exciting time.  Did you know that you can use a universal registry like Babylist to add products from any store? That includes Mama...

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
One Watercolor tablet

I’m not sure if it was a mistake but I got a tiny blue watercolor tablet, about 1 inch flat. Maybe it was $15 value? I probably would not buy again.


I have six mama Roos carriers now and love everyone of them ❤️ I have worn them since my daughter was three months old. Great quality, wash well and easy to use

KC Hummer
Fun surprises, excellent customer service

[Updated 7/31/2023] My mystery gift included a super cute little swim diaper (infant sized, which is perfect). The swim diaper still has it's tags, valuing it at $10.95. The Mystery Package also included a chest belt for back carries ($10.99). At first, I wasn't sure what it was as it wasn't labeled. However, after leaving my initial review with a picture, Alexandra from Mama & Roo's reached out to me to explain and link the product info.

Overall, I'm very happy about the swim diaper, and though initially confused by the extra strap, amazed by the responsiveness of Mama & Roo's customer service. Seriously above and beyond, and I am thrilled that both items are things I will be able to use.

Thank you for your review! We always appreciate the honest ones! The black clip thing that you received with your gift is called a chest belt. We aren't shipping those with carriers that can't use them. But what they do is help you when you are back carrying. So when the baby gets on your back, and you bring the shoulder straps to the front and back behind you, you use the chest belt to become a strap that goes from the right to the left. This will make the back carry a lot more comfortable for you because it puts pressure a little more on your torso and not all of your shoulders. Here is a link to another style that we have listed on the store

Shelby V.
So much fun!

I got a waterproof bib, some lil helicopter socks, and a metal straw! So exciting and fun!

Cecilia Edmister
Better than expected

It was a great investment. Easy to put on and comfortable for me and my 9 month old. The quality is great and better than I expected.