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Here are the carriers we recommend for you:



  • Long woven wrap: The carrier that keeps on giving-- a long woven wrap is a long piece of woven fabric. It doesn't have stretch, making it safe to use with heavier children and for single layer carries--great if you "run hot"! This style can be used from birth until your little one no longer wants to be carried. The most popular starting size is a size 6. Tap here for the collection.


  • Ring Sling: A shorter piece of fabric with sewn-in rings, a ring sling is a simple carrier. Usable from birth through toddlerhood, ring slings are great for quick snuggles for little ones and quick "ups" for older kiddos. Every family should give a ring sling a try for its portability and ease of use. Tap here for the collection. Is your little one especially desperate for snuggles? Shower in peace with a mesh ring sling--made for water fun, including the shower, so you can comfort your baby and meet your needs--check it out here.