Lenny Upgrade


      A fully adjustable soft structured carrier (SSC), or baby backpack, the Lenny Upgrade is a perfect wrap conversion carrier to snuggle your little one from as young as 4 weeks to 2.5 years! The height adjust with 2 button pull tabs and the width adjusts with a Velcro bottom at the base of the panel that you simply lift and adjust before placing baby in. 

      • Fits from 4-6 weeks to 2.5 years
      • Newborn adapter available for the smallest of babies
      • Adjustable height and width for baby
      • 2-way arm adjustment and Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) for the caregiver
      • Magnetic closure pocket
      • Removable hood
      • Super soft and cozy wrap fabric make for wonderful, breathable snuggles
      • Lumbar support pad
      • Backpack or crossed straps
      • Back-up elastic buckle closure for safety
      • International Hip Dysplasia Association Approved
      • Carry little one from 7.7lbs to 44lbs!
      • Front carry (from 1 month) or back carry (from 4 months, or when naturally carrying baby on your hip)

      Available in basic line weaves, herringbone weaves, Jacquard weaves, and luxury weaves, there's something for everyone!

      Watch the videos below to see the Upgrade in action!


      19 products

      19 products