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Here is what we recommend for you:

  • Stretchy Wrap: If your youngest is still a newborn, you can't go wrong with a super soft knit stretchy wrap to start. The gentle stretch is great for building confidence, too, if this is your first time wrapping! Tap here to see the collection 


  • Long woven wrap: This is a great option for single wearing or tandem wearing! A long woven wrap is a long piece of woven fabric safe for heavier babies or even 2 kids at once. Long woven wraps can be used from birth until your little one no longer wants to be carried. Tap here for the collection.


  • Ring Sling: Another great option for tandem carrying. Pairs nicely with a long woven wrap or potentially another ring sling on the opposite shoulder. You can even tandem with a soft structured carrier! A ring sling is a shorter piece of fabric with sewn-in rings. Usable from birth through toddlerhood, ring slings are great for cozy snuggles for little ones and quick "ups" for older kiddos. Every family should give a ring sling a try for its portability and ease of use. Tap here for the collection. Is your little one especially desperate for snuggles? Shower in peace with a mesh ring sling--made for water fun, including the shower, so you can comfort your baby and meet your needs--check it out here. 


  • Half-buckle meh dai: If you're worried about getting your little one on you faster than a wrap, definitely give the half buckle meh dai a try. A combination of a backpack and wrap, this carrier style is cozy, comfortable, and easy to use. Because of the great range (birth to 2 years+), you can easily adjust between your children if needed. Tap here for the collection (you'll want the standard size for a new baby, and the preschool size for a little one in 2T pants or larger)