Rayos d'oro wrap

Unboxing: Girasol

Learn about our newest brand and first handwoven brand, Girasol!

Girasol wraps, ring slings, and wrap conversion carriers are ethically handwoven in the mountains of Guatemala. *Please forgive my terrible pronounciations of the names, lol. I will work on it!*

Featured prints include:

  • Rayos d'oro
  • Free Elf Fusion D'oro double weft
  • Kokiri Ilamativa
  • Twilight
  • Chameleon
  • Sol y Mar

Beautiful wraps are thin with incredible detail and helpful colorful stripes. Great for beginners!

Limited quantities available - grab yours here.

Ships from the US: mama-roo.com/collections/girasol


Love what you see? Check them out below!

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