Sunset wreath long woven wrap, size 5, with a demo doll in a ruck back carry with a Tied Tibetan waist-less finish. The wrap is bright purple, yellow, and orange with black ovals arranged in a wreath pattern

Baby Wrap Basics

Long woven wraps are convenient, comforting, and cozy. They make life with your new little one easier and are a joy to use!

Hang out with babywearing educator and owner of Mama & Roo's Alexandra as she demonstrates various tips with a long woven wrap.

-See how long a size 6 (a common "base size") really is and understand how many times this wrap goes around your body

-See why wraps are so long

-Answers the questions, "why do wraps look so complicated/do wraps have to be complicated?"

-Demonstrates torso carry with a size 4 (a common base -2, a great duo to have with a base wrap), which is a simple and safe (and hot weather friendly!) carry

-What is strand by strand tightening? Why do we do that?

-Wrap basics of a seat/breathing

-Why use a long woven wrap? What are good qualities?

-Benefits of wearing in a long woven wrap

-Why back carry in a wrap?

-Why start with FWCC and variations on this

-Ruck back carry demonstration

-Differences in fabric quality

-Wrapping with twins!


You can do this! Get started with your new favorite wrap from Mama & Roo's here:


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