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Top 3 Reasons Parents Love the Onbuhimo

Have you heard of an onbuhimo? Onbuhimos are waist-less high back carriers with origins in Japanese culture. They are our most popular carrier style! Here's why =).

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3 Reasons to Love an Onbuhimo

-Light & compact – Onbuhimos roll up nicely. With a single panel (plus a little fabric folded between you) and baby up nice and high, this carrier is breathable and small enough to easily pack up into a diaper bag or large purse.

-Easy to put on/take off for quick high back carries – Your little one wants to see the world! For exactly 12 seconds and then on the ground again… and then wants to be up high! And on and on =). It’s normal for toddlers to want to be in on the action but also need moments of connection with you. The Onbuhimo is perfect for those quick ups and downs but still allowing your little one to see and experience it all.

-No waistband – No waistband (only a chest clip or strap, depending on Onbuhimo style) makes this a perfect carrier for caregivers who are pregnant with another child. It’s also great if you dislike the feeling of a waistband (and the inevitable squish that many of us have post-baby!) or you are concerned about waistband length in certain carriers. (We can do custom lengths for our Lenny Lamb items, so be sure to message us and ask if that’s you!)


What would you add? This style is definitely best for those who don’t mind the extra weight up high, but it can be really fun and convenient for you both! The onbuhimo can be used (when sized properly) once little one can sit unassisted. It can be used as a front or back carry, but back carry is the most common. 

Ready to check some onbuhimos out? See the collection here.

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