Bijou Wear Canopy Mist long woven baby wrap. Grey with white swirls on a white weft

Bijou Wear Launches on Friday!

We've got a new kid on the block... Bijou Wear! Bijou wraps are stunningly beautiful, woven with environmentally friendly unique fabric blends that are soft and strong. Crafted in the USA by artisan Jamie Gassman, Bijou wraps and ring slings are made in small batches. Some patterns will never return!


We are so delighted to be sharing another option for babywearing for your family! Let's talk a bit about some of the fabric blends in the pieces opening up on Friday at 10am ET.


Eco2cotton(R): A creative approach to waste in garment factories, Eco2cotton(R) recycles scraps that would otherwise be thrown away and makes them in yarns for a new purpose! This greatly reduces the resource cost of the yarn in less land, water, and energy used to create and dye new fabrics. This material gives a "nubby" quality to the piece, providing moldability, texture, and support to the wrap in combination with other fibers. Examples available Friday: Roxy Blue Jeans

TENCEL®: A vegan, low maintenance alternative to wool! TENCEL® yarn is made from the wood pulp cellulose if sustainably harvested trees. This unique fiber requires less energy, water, and dye than it takes to process cotton. TENCEL® feels cozy and plush to the hand and is machine washable. Examples available Friday: Canopy Mist, Roxy Blue Jeans, Canopy Flora

Egyptian mercerized cotton: Mercerized cotton is processed in a way that holds richer color and has a beautiful luster or sheen to the fabric for a truly luxurious look and feel. Examples available Friday: Crossroads Asgard


These beautiful wraps and ring slings are sized as follows:

Long woven wraps:
Size 5  =  4.2 meters  //  Size 6  =  4.7 meters  //  Size 7  =  5.2 meters 


Ring Slings (recommended to follow your T-shirt size)
Small  =  70 inches  //  Medium =  75 inches  //  Large  =  80 inches  //  Extra Large  =  85 inches  //  Extra Extra Large  =  90 inches


Want to see more? Pre-shop the collection here:



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