The #1 Myth about Babywearing

Over the years, I've worked with a LOT of parents of young kids, and I've heard a lot of stories. When it comes to babywearing, I've found that there's a bit of a strange subculture that I don't really care for. 

 Smiling and laughing Black mother carrying her mixed race toddler on her front in Lenny Upgrade Carousel of Colors with mesh panel option. Hood is up.

Smiling mother and child in Lenny Upgrade in Carousel of Colors with mesh panel.


A lot of people come to me having been told that, for whatever reason, babywearing just "won't work" for them or for their babies. 


The biggest myth I hear is that "Babywearing is for *those* people. It won't work for me or my baby."


Who are "those" people? 


I commonly hear things like-- "I'm too fat to babywear. I'll hurt my baby. Nothing will fit. (Babywearing is only for *thin* people)". Or, "I'm not strong enough to babywear. I have xyz condition (Babywearing is only for *fit* people/ *people with no physical limitations*)". Or, "I can't afford to babywear. (Babywearing is only for *wealthy* people)". 


Have you heard any of these? Have you believed them about yourself?


The truth is, babywearing is for everyone, no matter who you see portrayed. It's an ancient cultural practice to carry our young. It's your birthright as a parent to be able to hold your baby close, to nurture and support your baby and include them in your daily life. This is a gift! Are there some caregiver/child pairs that won't physically be able to? I'm sure there are, as there are many special needs conditions and not everything will work all of the time for everyone. But the vast majority can have a useful, joyful babywearing experience. 


Here's my answer to these common myths:

  • Myth: Babywearing is for thin people. I'm too fat to wear my baby.
    Reality: Your body was made to hold your baby. Babywearing might look different on your body than on someone else's. But as long as your baby is adequately supported with an open airway and you can monitor their breathing, you are doing it right. 
    Carrier styles to consider:
    Onbuhimo carriers have no waistband! So you don't have to worry about the circumfrence around your body.
    Our soft structured carriers and meh dais fit most parents comfortably up to size 5x, with a minimum waistband length of 50". We can also order in waistbands that are even longer at no extra charge. Wrap strap meh dais have especially long straps and can be worn waist-less, making them a great option.
    We offer plus size length ring slings and long woven wraps. We can also order in longer length wraps (these do have a fee for longer length only because of the additional woven material required. However, we regularly carry lengths of 19.5' / 6m, size 8/9, off the shelf--no customization needed!). Long woven wraps can also be tied in waist-less carries, needing less fabric, if you prefer.


  • Myth: Babywearing is for fit / able-bodied people with no physical limitations.
    Reality: Babywearing is customizable. There's no rule that you have to use the same tie-offs and carries that other people do. The right carrier can be extremely supportive. It may take a few tries, but most caregiver/child pairs can find a solution that works for them. As a mom with physical limitations myself, I really feel this one. You have learned to listen to your body. You can do that with babywearing, too. <3 As long as your baby is adequately supported with an open airway and you can monitor their breathing, you are doing it right. 
    Carrier styles to consider:
    Long woven wraps are the ultimate in customization options. You can do waist-less carries, torso carries (with no shoulder straps), 1 shoulder or 2 shoulder carries. You can add extra passes for support where you need it. You can eliminate pressure in places that hurt. You can change the carry while you're wearing your little one as your physical needs change during the outing. I recommend a base +1 wrap for caregivers who need extra support and flexibility (a size 7 is the most common base +1 for those in M/L t-shirts, followed by size 8/9 for those in XL/2XL).
    Wrap strap meh dais have especially long straps and can be worn a variety of ways, making them another great choice and a good learning tool if you don't feel ready for a long woven wrap yet!


  • Myth: Babywearing is for weathy people. All carriers are expensive.
    Reality: High-quality budget options are out there. Many start with carriers that are lower quality because that's what they see in places they shop and they believe that's all they can afford. At Mama & Roo's we carry a variety of carriers at a variety of price points. All of our carriers are high quality, built for comfort and ease of babywearing, regardless of the price point. 
    Carrier styles to consider:
    Our basic line fabrics are a great place to start -- these include popular colors like Carousel of Colors or Smoky Honey. Our Wraps & Slings start at just $59.99. For a safety tested, ethically made carrier that will last, this is an amazing deal--and, you'll have an easier time learning with a higher quality item. 


Sometimes it just takes getting the right carrier and the right fit for you, so don't hesitate to contact us via the chat on this page or join the group for more tailored help!


Babywearing is for you and your baby, too. I'm so glad I found this parenting tool, and I'm so happy to be sharing the joy of carrying with you <3.


Looking for the perfect carrier, but not sure which to choose? Tap here to get started.

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