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How to use an Onbuhimo - Quick Onbuhimo Tutorial, Fan Favorites, and Why you Shouldn't Forward Face

Check our our video here - full tutorial instructions below!

Learn how to use an onbuhimo and why this is better and safer than forward facing. Take a look at your picks for your favorite carriers and colors this week!



How to use an onbuhimo

Step 1 - Adjust the panel as needed for your baby

Step 2 - Open up the webbing and adjustments (you'll tighten them down once baby is in and you've figured out the best adjustment for you. You'll need some loose webbing to help you tighten baby in

Step 3 - Put baby's legs through the straps and pull the half moon fabric up between you and baby. Position so that the top of the panel will sit in baby's armpits

Step 4 - Get baby high onto your back via the hip scoot, superman toss, or simply by situating baby up on a high surface and putting baby on your back like a backpack. The surface method is my personal favorite and works really well off of car trunks!

Step 5 - Adjust! Alternate sides to tighten the webbing. Lean forward and use your other hand to bump baby up. As you tighten and bump, you rotate the carrier up. You want baby to be shoulder to shoulder with you

Step 6 - Fasten the chest clip and off you go!


To unload baby:

Step 1 - Undo chest clip

Step 2 - Support baby with your hand as you take one strap off and rotate them to your opposite side.

Step 3 - Remove the other strap and let baby settle on your hip, then lower down


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Alexandra is a babywearing educator and owner of Mama & Roo's, provider of high quality, ethically made, certified safe baby carriers and wraps

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