White mother wears her small white baby in a front carry in a wrap strap meh dai. Text reads, "How to: Modify a Meh Dai for a Newborn"

How to Modify a Meh Dai for a Newborn

White mother wears her small white baby in a front carry in a wrap strap meh dai. Text reads, "How to: Modify a Meh Dai for a Newborn"

A mother wears her baby in a front carry in a wrap strap meh dai


Wrap strap meh dais are amazingly flexible carriers, but sometimes they are just a little too big for our baby. For those comfortable with simple modifications, you may be able to wear your newborn or small baby a little sooner!

Watch below to learn how to modify your wrap strap meh dai to fit a newborn or small baby. Written instructions available below the video.

Today we'll be demonstrating with a cotton broken twill wrap strap meh dai from LennyLamb in Mini size (available here).

This carrier is reversible and can be worn apron-style or waistband-style. Apron style can sometimes make a carrier panel short enough for a smaller baby, but sometimes we need to modify more. Keep in mind that you'll need to practice to find the right combination of modifications to make a safe panel height and width.


The goal should be to end with:

  • A carrier panel width that supports the child from knee to knee while still allowing the legs to swing freely

  • A carrier panel height that comes no higher than the base of the earlobe. It should be high enough to support the child's head and neck

To modify the panel height:

  • Roll the waist of the carrier before tying on. This will shorten the panel. Start with just 1 roll and see where it lands on your baby

  • Test apron or waistband styles of tying to find the right combination of rolling and waistband style to get to the right height

To modify the panel width:

  • Use a small towel or fabric scrap to tie the panel more narrow

  • Test until you find the right width that supports your child knee-to-knee while allowing their legs to swing freely

  • In a newborn you want to be sure you are adjusting the panel and positioning your child so that the weight settles on their bottom. This is especially important if you are trying a legs-in position

  • When done, you want the carrier to wrap around your newborn's natural C-curve and frog-leg position

That's it! You're ready to give it a try.

***Always make sure your child is close enough to kiss, nice and high so you can monitor their breathing. Make sure their airway is open and their body position is comfortable. Newborns should be wrapped around their natural curl.***

Happy wearing!

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