White mother carries her young white baby on her back in a wrap strap meh dai with a waist-less finish. Text reads, "How to: 3 Ways to Tie a  Waist-less Meh Dai Back Carry"

3 Ways to Tie a Waist-less Tied Tibetan Finish in a Meh Dai - Fancy Finish Back Carry

White mother carries her young white baby on her back in a wrap strap meh dai with a waist-less finish. Text reads, "How to: 3 Ways to Tie a  Waist-less Meh Dai Back Carry"

A mother carries her young baby on her back in a wrap strap meh dai with a waist-less finish.


One of our "founder favorites," a wrap strap meh dai offers the unique ability to do fully waist-less carries. Today, we're going to talk about how to do 3 variations of a Tied Tibetan waist-less back carry. This is an easy, fun, easy-to-customize carry that I know you'll love!

In the video below, we'll show you 3 different ways to tie off this carry, including a waist-less and knot-less version and a version using sling rings. Let's get started! For written instructions, scroll below the video.


*Remember, if you want (or need) a true waist-less version, or a true high back carry, you'll need to tie the waistband high on your torso before you put your child in the panel.*

First, get your child onto your back. You can use a few different options:

  • The hip scoot method-- Set your child up in the panel, positioned forward on your hip. Use the straps of the carrier to help you bring your child to your back

  • The "hang on" method-- Tie on the waistband with the panel behind you. Have your little one "hang on" to you from behind. Reach back for the straps and lift the panel up over both of you. Be sure to lift the straps up and wiggle to help little one settle into place (and take up any slack in the panel.

  • Once your little one is on your back and settled into the panel, it's time to work on the straps!


Setting up to tie off:


  • One at a time, bring the arm straps over your shoulders and then under your arms as ruck straps.

  • Reach back for the top rail (edge) and lift it as high as you can while passing the strap that you brought under your arm across your back. Spread the pass and bring it to the front.

  • Do the same with the other strap, pinning the first between your knees as needed to hold tension.

  • Now that both straps are in the front, it's time to do the finish! You could knot the strap in front here and it would be safe to complete, but to do the Tied Tibetan we'll need to add a few more steps

Tied Tibetan Finish & Variations:


  • One at a time, cross the arm straps over your chest. Go over the ruck strap on the opposite side and bring the strap back under ruck strap. Do the same on the opposite side. Leave the straps this way for a knot-less finish! Simply pull on the straps as needed to tighten while wearing baby.

  • To make this fully waist-less, do the same thing with the waist straps. Simply untie the waist straps and do the same over-under tie as the arm straps.

  • To use knots instead, whether for the look or to lock the carrier straps more firmly in place, do the same over-under motion with the straps and tie a knot instead. You can also mix and match knots and knot-less tie-offs!

Sling ring variation:

 Sling rings add color, fun, and a fancy feel to any carry! It can also smooth out straps and prevent bulky knots while still holding the carrier straps firmly in place. (You can grab a set for yourself by tapping here.) 


  • When both straps have been brought to the front, pin one between your knees. Bring the other across your chest. Put 1 sling ring on the strap--it will be loose until we hold it in place with the next steps. Bring the strap with the sling ring on it under the ruck strap. Don't try to put the sling ring under the ruck strap. Instead, once the arm strap is under the ruck strap, bring the arm strap up through the sling ring. This should hold the sling ring in place, making a smooth finish that holds the wrap securely. You want the sling ring to be as small as you can comfortably use. For this lightweight fabric in our example, size Small sling rings were the best fit. Repeat on the other side

  • To make this waist-less, you can do the same tie off with the waist straps. Simply untie the waist, cross the straps across the chest, add the rings and slide them on into place. Tuck the waist straps under the ruck straps and then up through the ring to hold the straps in place.

  • You can also combine this method with the other methods above to make your perfect comfortable fit!

*Don't forget to spread the passes across your chest to make the carry more comfortable, no matter which variation you choose!*

What do you think? Will you give this carry a try?

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