Onbuhimo carriers are quick and light carriers, and making them a great grab-and-go style!

You'll love how fun this wrap conversion carrier is with your toddler.

Soft, breathable, and made for adventure.

  • Light & compact – Onbuhimos roll up nicely. With a single panel (plus a little fabric folded between you) and baby up nice and high, this carrier is breathable and small enough to easily pack up into a diaper bag or large purse. Get up & go faster with an onbuhimo in your bag.

  • Easy to put on/take off for quick high back carries – Your little one wants to see the world! For exactly 12 seconds and then on the ground again… and then wants to be up high! And on and on =). It’s normal for toddlers to want to be in on the action but also need moments of connection with you. The Onbuhimo is perfect for those quick ups and downs but still allowing your little one to see and experience it all.

  • No waistband – No waistband (only a chest clip) makes this a perfect carrier for caregivers who are pregnant with another child. It’s also great if you dislike the feeling of a waistband (and the inevitable squish that many of us have post-baby!) or you are concerned about waistband length. This waist-less style is popular for plus-size caregivers who want the closeness of babywearing but find waistbands uncomfortable or ill-fitting.

  • Position the padding exactly where you need it with perfect fit adjusters (PFAs). Adventure for hours with the right fit!

  • Tighten with ease with your child on your front or back using the 2-way under-arm strap adjusters

  • Grows with your child- Simple width panel adjustment lets you use one carrier for months and even years... If you can resist getting more colors and styles to play with!

With a max limit of 44lbs for the standard and toddler sizes, you can enjoy wearing your child longer!

Need something fast? You'll love quick "ups" in the parking lot, shopping mall, and anywhere else life takes you.

The perfect parenting tool for your child is here - so don't wait!


Why would I want an onbuhimo?

Onbuhimos are perfect for quick "ups" without putting pressure on the waist. Great for use while pregnant or for anyone who prefers a more "backpack" style without a waist belt.

The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo carrier is an advanced carrier designed for children who can already sit unassisted. We recommend this carrier for those who are already comfortable with making a supportive seat for baby in a carrier and who are comfortable with your child's weight being high on the shoulders/upper back.

The onbuhimo style is most commonly used for back carry. The adjustable pull strap for the width of the panel provides sizing flexibility for a wide range of children.

You might like an onbuhimo if you:

  • Don’t like long pieces of fabric hanging down
  • Want something super quick

  • Have a child who likes to be up high and see the world

  • Prefer a back carry for your child who can sit unassisted

  • Dislike bands on your waist

  • Have no issue hoisting your baby or toddler high on your back

  • Have a child that loves quick ups and downs

  • Don't mind adjusting to the different muscles used in an onbuhimo (it's higher on the back and uses different muscles than other carriers)
You might not like an Onbuhimo if you:
  • Need customization of fit due to injuries or sensitivities. A long woven wrap would be a better choice for you

  • Find it hard to bump baby up very high on your back

  • Don't have babywearing experience- the Onbuhimo is an advanced style that takes practice and muscle training to use comfortably. We would suggest a meh dai, an SSC, or a long woven wrap for you instead

  • Don't like chest belts

  • Prefer front carries