SSC backpack carriers are familiar and easy to use. The convenience is hard to beat!
The Preschool SSC is everything you could want in a big kid carrier.
You'll love how supportive and adjustable this wrap conversion carrier is.
Soft, breathable, and made to grow with your Preschooler.
Adapt it to your needs:
  • Get extra support and sun protection from the hood, or put it away when you don't need it
  • Protect your back and lengthen the fabric band with the removable lumbar support pad. Back carrying and don't want it? Petite and don't like the extra fabric? Simply stow it away
  • Position the padding exactly where you need it with perfect fit adjusters (PFAs). Adventure for hours with the right fit!
  • Tighten with ease with your child on your front, back, or hip using the 2-way under-arm strap adjusters
  • Get out the door fast- Store your phone, keys, and more in the magnetic waistband pocket
  • Carry your big kid your way. Try a front carry for a sleepy kiddo, or put them on your hip or back to see the world! Don't forget to try the cross-strap option, too
  • Grows with your big kid- Simple height and width panel adjustments let you use one carrier for years... If you can resist getting more colors and styles to play with!
With a max weight limit of 66lbs and generous adjustments, you can carry as long as your little one wants to.
Familiar, easy to use, and so much fun!
The convenience is unmatched.
Love long hikes? Going to an amusement park? You'll have all the support you need.
Need something fast? You'll love quick "ups" in the parking lot, shopping mall, and anywhere else life takes you.
The perfect parenting tool for your big kid is here - so don't wait!

Why would I want a soft structured carrier?

SSCs are the most familiar style of carrier for many US families. These “backpacks” go on like a traditional backpack. Buckle the waist and place your child in the panel. Then, pull panel up over the child, put your arms through the straps, and clip the chest clip. No tying or knots required!
Parents new to babywearing can ease into carrying with the familiar backpack style. Back carrying is simple, too – you do the same motion, just with your child on your back instead!
Cross strap options maximize the use of this carrier style. Crossed straps provide a different type of support and also allow for hip carries.
With comfort options and simple technique, SSCs are reassuring to caregivers.
A soft structured carrier’s biggest benefit is that the “seat” is already made. You'll need to make sure the height and width are set properly and that child is positioned well in the carrier. But, you don’t have to worry about the bottom “falling out.” This eliminates fear for parents nervous about fabric carriers like wraps and slings.
You might like an SSC if you:
  • Don’t like long pieces of fabric hanging down
  • Want something super quick
  • Want something easy to learn and easy to pass between caregivers
  • Want something familiar and don’t want to learn how to tie
You might not like an SSC if you:
  • Need customization of fit due to injuries or sensitivities. A long woven wrap would be a better choice for you