Lenny Lamb Preschool carrier dimensions. The height adjusts from 38cm (15in) - 51cm (20in). The midline width is 37cm (14.5in). The base width adjusts from 25cm (9.8in) to 58cm (22.8in)

Margin of error + or - 3cm/1.25"

Carrier dimensions:

Width at panel center: 37cm / 14.5"
Height at panel center: adjusts from 38-51cm / 15-20"
Width at base of panel: adjusts from 25-58cm / 9.75-22.75"

Will it fit you as the caregiver?

Plus size caregivers: Our baby backpack carriers fit most caregivers up to t-shirt size 4x/5x as a standard. The minimum length for these waistbands is 50" as a standard, with many measuring longer. If you need a longer length waistband, email us at contact@mama-roo.com with the length you need. We will special order your desired waist strap length at no extra charge!
Petite caregivers: The waistband can be tightened from fabric edge to fabric edge. The lumbar support pad is removable for an even slimmer fit if needed
Will it fit your child?
Sizing is based your child's height/ pants size for length. Please note: adjustable panel carriers like the Preschool SSC are hardest to fit at the smallest end of the range. This is because the fabric has to go somewhere, so it will have to be bunched under your child's bottom. This is why we usually recommend staying in the smaller size until your child has grown out of it and is no longer comfortable. At this point you know your child will fit well in the larger carrier!

Typical age range: 2.5 - 6yrs old

Typical child's clothing sizes: 2T - 6X/7

Maximum rated weight: 66lbs