Need sizing help? Most start with a size 6, but it can vary based on your size, baby's age, and the carries you prefer. Most wrappers can use most sizes!

If this is your first wrap, we recommend starting with your base size and a base -2 (2 sizes smaller than your base size). For fancy finishes or for carrying children 1 yr or older, choose your base +1 (1 size larger than your base size). See description of base size estimates below.

All wraps are 23.5-27.5" / 60-70cm wide. 

Size 4/XS is 3.9yds / 3.6m long - a common base -2 size

Size 5/S is 4.6yds / 4.2m long - a common base size for those in XS/S t-shirts, base -2 for those in XL/2XL t-shirts

Size 6/M is 5yds / 4.6m long - the most common base size, typical for those in M/L t-shirts

Size 7/L is 5.7yds / 5.2m long - the second most common base size, most common base +1 size for fancy finishes. Typically a good base size for those in XL/2XL t-shirts

Size 8/XL is 6.5yds / 6m long - Great for carrying twins in the same wrap. A good base size for those in 3XL/4XL t-shirts. A great base +1 for fancy finishes for those in XL/2XL t-shirts

Smaller and longer lengths are available upon request. Message with the print name and desired length for a quote.


Most people that have twins and want to tandem carry use a base +1 or a base +2 size. 


Rated for weights from 6.6lbs to 55lbs