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This backpack carrier is so light it will fit your newborn with little to no bulk.


This new backpack carrier will fit to 36+ months old!

"This carrier is so light and compact, but still a solid and supportive carrier! I absolutely love it and how long it will last me and my child!"

– Jessi

"I can't believe how weightless it is! It's so easy to carry her, even at 4yrs old. We tried another carrier a few weeks ago but it was so uncomfortable for both of the girls. We definitely would have used this if we had it!"

– Lydia

"I like this mommy."

– Lily

We love the Lennylight! It's so comfy and supportive! I love that I can use it with my baby and my toddler without having to make many adjustments!

– Amanda

"I love how lightweight the fabric is and how easy it is to adjust for smaller babies. I'm impressed by how large a child can fit in it, too! This is a great option for so many families"

– Alexandra

We are so excited about the new Lenny light. Love how light weight it is and so easy to use. Also love how many different ways you can use it. It is wonderful to be able to buy something that can grow with your little.

– Kelly

An all inclusive waistband

An 8 year old wears her baby cousin at 7 months old.