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Here's what we recommend for you:

  • Long woven wrap: These long pieces of fabric are the most traditional carrier type and the most flexible. Long woven wraps can be tied off with or without a waist and can be tied in a variety of ways on the chest to avoid discomfort. With the help of sling rings, you can even avoid pressure from knots! If needed, you can easily re-tie the carry to move where the pressure is, for optimum comfort. Tap here to shop long woven wraps.


  • Ring sling: The ring sling is perfect for the quick ups and downs of toddler life! With no defined waistband, you can pop your child in on your hip and provide them the snuggles they need without worrying about too much pressure on your belly or breasts. This is a shorter piece of fabric with rings attached that can be used for one-shoulder front, hip, or back carries. Tap here to shop our ring sling collection.



  • Onbuhimo: For some, this is the ultimate pregnancy carrier! Onbuhimos are small, lightweight, and easy to pack into a diaper bag for on-the-go babywearing. They can be used for front or back carries and put little-to-no pressure on the breasts and no pressure on the belly. Tap here for our onbuhimo collection.